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By Erik

The Coffee Drink That Goes Down Ezio

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By aemilius

She Must Be Really Pissed!

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Via Punblr

Oh, You Said HEARING? Well This is Awkward...

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By Sern and Ben

I Think They Just Like Getting Plowed

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By wintercool612

This is Me Around My Friends

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By thatguy1212

Seems Like They're Really Getting to the Crust of the Matter

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By Minecraftfans

He Accordionly Comes Out at Night

Weird Al Yankovic Hall of Fame literalism lolwut Owl shoop similar sounding - 5152647424


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By Unknown

File Under: Hilarious and Poorly Executed

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By drassher

And Borg to Be Wild, For That Matter

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By Fatalyze

The Most Overeasy Man in the World

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By Unknown

Legal Pot!

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By Unknown

Damn You, Naming Conventions!

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By thatguy1212


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By Unknown

He Puts the Ass in Assouplissant Textile

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By Unknown