apple apples double meaning literalism lolwut - 5415328256
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You Know You're Addicted to Golf When Cars Sound Like They Want You to Play a Round.

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By Wolf_Lord

File Under: WTF?

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By drassher

Matty Malaprop

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By xXPeaceLoveRockXx

Oh, You Said HEARING? Well This is Awkward...

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By Sern and Ben

Zippo's Not Down for a Double Header

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By Whiteoverblue

I Didn't See This One Coming...

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By Unknown


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I Would Watch the Sh*t Out of This

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Best Branding Ever?

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By xyzpdq1

It Might Be Important Someday!

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By mofo

That's Just Baaahd Practice if You Ask Me

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By _AfterDarkness_


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Why an Imp, Though?

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Only You...

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