Why an Imp, Though?

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answer bath difference double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lolwut question take yes - 5468133632
Created by Unknown
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Make ALL the Food Puns!

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This Match is Really Making Waves!

double meaning homophones lolwut sea tennis - 5771866368
Created by A_F1at_Minor

No Bun Intended

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Socially Awkward Mummified Corpse...

bone weird lolwut euphemism double meaning literalism - 6690968832
Created by _C_A_T_


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Best Medical Report Ever

accident condition double meaning Hall of Fame horse horses lolwut stable - 4910427648
Created by xyzpdq1

Not Particularly, No...

balls creepy innuendo lolwut - 6381340928
Created by Alese2307

The Hippest Kind of Hug

bear double meaning literalism lolwut - 5588290048
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dogs double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lolwut manager - 5436332032
Created by Unknown

He's Gonna Clean Your Clock...

clock clocks homophones literalism lolwut talk threat - 5333981184
Created by Han.D.Jay

Was Tayo Cruz's 'Dynamite' Playing at the Time of the Incident?

crime Hall of Fame lolwut worth it - 5746474496
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Does That Mean They Are GMOs?

natural lolwut Super - 7016247040

I've Never Been Less Happy to Do This!

ultimatum door relationship lolwut literalism double meaning - 6850878720
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