Facebook Gold!

false expectations gold literalism facebook misleading - 6940816896
By Unknown


barrel roll double meaning literalism peppy quote roll Star Fox - 5245207040
By Dubulous

Maybe He Would Have Done Better if He Wasn't in Such a Rush

captain falcon double meaning Hall of Fame homophones literalism reinterpretation video game video games zero - 5319166464
By SirKilmoreRyan

Got Some Raw Beetz For Ya

question beets similar sounding literalism double meaning beats - 6717840640
By kaylawardle

He's Really a Person of Interest, You Know

balance double meaning homophone literalism outstanding - 4952561920
By navs.vn (Via www.theargylesweater.com)

A Creature Steeped in Mythos

abbreviation double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism tea t rex tyrannosaurus rex - 5673110272
By rocket-taco (Via Chooglin)


control gifs key keyboard literalism lose lyric - 5360794880
By Unknown

What a Majestic Creature!

unicorn similar sounding literalism unique - 6833125632
By Unknown

I Want to, But I Feel This Terrible Pit in My Stomach...

date question literalism double meaning - 6672969472
By tonis

That's Very Inconsiderate of You

Cents dont homophone literalism make obvious sense sign - 4758763264
By Unknown


Hall of Fame literalism prefix shampoo similar sounding The Avengers Thor - 6250371328
Via Punblr

... Yes?

halloween literalism double meaning - 6723353344
By Unknown


bacon bacon strips double meaning Hall of Fame kevin bacon literalism strips - 5251738624
By Unknown


double meaning hay literalism meme - 4899793152
By acaudel


Hall of Fame homophone in literalism similar sounding sink sync - 6307321600
Via Punblr

Four Outta Five Ain't Bad!

haters gonna hate literalism meme rhyming - 4930672384
By Starlightowl
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