Just Be Ready With a Riposte and You'll Be Fine

again double meaning foil foiled hit literalism - 5481213696
By Kraken42

He Wants to Grow Up to be a Quarterback

homophones jack literalism nickel similar sounding son - 4725629184
By xyzpdq1

Police Record

double meaning literalism police - 6348974592
By glennvolio

A Mashup Made in Heaven

double meaning Han Solo homophone literalism meme Memes paula deen star wars - 5172714240
By pedretta


accessory double meaning hair homophone literalism peace piece - 4541211136
By OneSkunkTodd

Talk About a Wild Ride!

double meaning literalism mood swing swings - 5517443584
By Fatalyze

Indeed it Did

similar sounding literalism pun - 7101940224
By Unknown
half literalism ass double meaning Video - 43928065

Mules Are So Half-Ass

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Such Was His Delivery From Evil

double meaning free Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation pizza promise - 5588269312
Via Octopuns

The Now-Retired Ruler of Mewba

cat illustration literalism similar sounding - 4672005632
By Unknown


beware crane danger double meaning literalism sign warning - 5202723072
By Unknown

Prepare to Cower in Fur

alpaca apocalypse similar sounding literalism prefix - 6848497664
Via Cybergata

He Couldn't Handle the Daily Rind

aid double meaning homophone lemon lemonade literalism - 4982570752
By xyzpdq1


classic double meaning Hall of Fame homophone ill Kim Jong-Il literalism name Okay - 5586744576
By Unknown


batman big double meaning fan Hall of Fame homophone literalism - 5244962304
By Unknown

Everything is Sexy

context double meaning facebook Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation pickup lines - 5710868224
Via Punblr
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