food Hall of Fame homophone homophones hunting literalism puns similar sounding store Video - 34397185

VIDEO: Pun Hunting at the Grocery Store

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It's Sandwiches All the Way Down!

homophones Inception literalism sand sandwich triple meaning witch - 4836326656
Created by FrozYo

Maybe He Would Have Done Better if He Wasn't in Such a Rush

captain falcon double meaning Hall of Fame homophones literalism reinterpretation video game video games zero - 5319166464
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

And the Reframe Saga Reaches a New Cee Lo...

cee lo cee-lo green homophones literalism Reframe shoop silhouette similar sounding suffix - 5682020352
Created by Unknown


cosine double meaning homophone homophones literalism sign sine tangent - 4977368832
Created by Unknown

ICWUDT, Google

doodle google homophones ICWUDT similar sounding - 6488619776
Via Google

You Find it a Wood Colander?

ä double meaning fence Hall of Fame homophones literalism offensive syllables - 6000952320
Created by MeeKoH

I Quite Enjoy His Branch of Hip-Hop

double meaning homophones literalism Lord of the Rings rapper similar sounding - 5705928192
Created by esteTom

March of the Punguins

and chips double meaning fish fission food groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophones penguin similar sounding - 5719546368
Via Two Penguins One Iceberg

Because a Good Breakfast Always Brings the Family Together

bread breakfast Hall of Fame homophone homophones in inbred lolwut taste - 5492880896
Created by RazorShader

Everything Went Better Than Expected!

false expectations napping homophones space everything went better than expected - 7042463488
Via OMG That's Punny
Video scrubs or abbreviation homophones double meaning cheeky amazing - 43335425

O R They?

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A Brief History of Birds of Prey

hawk head homophone homophones literalism - 5111627264
Created by hellodomo

After the Metam/Phosis

caterpillar homophones literalism similar sounding slash - 4792944896
Created by nadirzenith

Here's Hoping He Figures Out How to Cash in on His Latest Acquisition

sense literalism homophones Cents money - 7148113920
Via Wrestling Jimmies


birds homophone homophones pray - 4317233664
Created by AdmiralAbortion ( Via artistshoppe.threadless.com )