beer cold frozen Han Solo homophones lemonade solo star wars - 4577099520
Created by Unknown

A Four-Year-Old's First Pun

aladdin characters homophone homophones sand similar sounding - 5469204992
Via Reddit

He's a Real Mudblood

hairy Hall of Fame Harry Potter homophones literalism - 5092038912
Created by xyzpdq1


door homophones jam literalism - 4425730816
Created by Unknown

A Marked Improvement, if You Ask Me

better homophone homophones hue hugh laurie humanity manatee Reframe - 5408572416
Created by rottenray

Everything Went Better Than Expected!

false expectations napping homophones space everything went better than expected - 7042463488
Via OMG That's Punny

She's Often the Bearder of Bad News

answer comic eyebrows fyi Hall of Fame homophones mustache question similar sounding warning - 4631716352
Created by Unknown

When You're the Lord of Something, You Can Do Whatever You Want With it!

answer docs doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame homophones literalism pair paradox question time - 5456376576
Created by Dubulous

The Avengers

Hall of Fame homophones marvel names similar sounding The Avengers - 6232743424
Created by failbLOLg ( Via Uproxx )

A Flock of Sunnis

homophone homophones literalism song - 4932271104
Created by A Person ( Via Cracked )


adage carp dice homophones latin - 4174999552
Created by Plegadis

Here's Hoping He Figures Out How to Cash in on His Latest Acquisition

sense literalism homophones Cents money - 7148113920
Via Wrestling Jimmies

Pooh Puns

cannot Hall of Fame homophone homophones knot not pooh rabbit winnie the pooh - 5907037696
Via Reddit


Al Gore an inconvenient truth band homophones truth - 4209089792
Created by Adam M


acronym double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones kfc lenin literalism Putin russia russian stalin - 4828926208
Created by Unknown

Because They've Clearly Never Listened to the Band D*shwäsher Before

question in n sync answer directions similar sounding sink homophones - 6897890560
Via Gershwinning
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