catchphrase con convention homophone khan meme quote Star Trek - 4660683008

This Brochure Appears to be in Mint Condition!

advertisement Cents homophone literalism mint sense - 6555505152
Via Reddit

So Now You're Grounded and Failing?

c double meaning homophone literalism Rage Comics sea underwater - 5698180096
Created by venusaurmaster

His Adamantium is Un-Unravelable!

homophone literalism prefix wolverine x men - 5034453248
Created by maxystone


city homophone island literalism road state - 4324045056

Can I Be Liszt Then?

Bach homophone literalism mozart quote response terminator transformation - 5471068416
Created by Onii-san

Where All Kung-Food Masters Go to Train

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Created by chopsocky4383


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Created by xyzpdq1

Your Uncle Was Kind of An Ass...

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Created by pedretta

Well No One Will Steal it From You Now...

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Created by sammy1089

The Smiths Want You to Know Meat is Still Murder

herd homophone literalism lyric switch - 6240657920
Created by SticksandStones ( Via I'm Not Feeling So Good Today )

Female Dogs...

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Created by Mistform

The Truest of All Headcanons

cannon head literalism homophone - 7042497280


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Created by superpatty

Both Together Tend to Cause Vertigo

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Created by Youffle

Pier Review

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Created by Unknown