Don't Leave Me Hangin' On Like a Severed Ear

homophone song Van Gogh Vincent van Gogh - 6188441856
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pi pun - Text - 3.1415 926535897932 38462643 2884197 937510 SO MUCH PUN.COM
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Sine o' the Times

graph homophone literalism sign sine sine wave - 5228615424
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Reject the Futility

buddhism double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism ohm om resistance - 5356106240
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He's Married to Angelina Guacajolie

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism pit - 6259497984
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He's Really a Person of Interest, You Know

balance double meaning homophone literalism outstanding - 4952561920
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It's a Lovely Tail Indeed

captain double meaning homophone jack sparrow Johnny Depp literalism Pirates of the Caribbean song tail tale - 5165759744
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But You DO Normally Explore the Cosmos...

carl sagan eye eyebrows homophone I - 6291949568
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graph homophone math mathematics puns secant sign sine sine wave tangent wave - 4532574464
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Thanks for That, Mom.

trolling letter literalism tea cup homophone t - 6983759104
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gnome hashtag homophone insult lolwut twitter - 4846877952

But What About Pernicioustrees?

double meaning homophone literalism suffix tree trees - 5806192896
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What a Grizzly Spectacle...

unbearable note bear homophone - 7103937792
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double meaning fall great homophone humpty dumpty literalism - 5230550784

Dark Ages Frugality

sir homophone double meaning knight - 6991600896
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I'm Holding Out for Handlebar Potter, Personally

after before double meaning hairy Hall of Fame Harry Potter homophone literalism shaved - 5901554944