It Was a Big Advantage in the Dark Ages

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By Unknown

I'll Just Let You Rumen-ate Over This One for a While

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By crazygodlessfun

How... Thoughtful?

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This Happens Every Time I Play Starcraft II

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By TheAlmonster


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By lolzKAts.com


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By Unknown

I Found Him by the Light of the Moon

Hall of Fame homophone literalism prefix there werewolf where - 6061400320
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All Other Water Troughs Are Just Pail Imitations

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I'm King of the... Kitchen?

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Fathers Always Come Up With Creative <em>Pun</em>ishments

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By Striks

I Hissed (at) a Girl... And I Liked it

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By Unknown

Well, He Does Often Act Like a Little Boy...

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By Unknown

Drop it, Doe Eyes

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Either the Wallpaper Goes, or I Drink My Own Piss

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By RickDaglesMD