That's Au Jus the Way I Like it!

chinese food homophone Lame Pun Coon literalism restaurant similar sounding so - 5644385536
By plasticFroggy

Or Maybe Just Danson On My Own

dancing homophone literalism show similar sounding stars television TV - 5305079552
By tcrutch

It Even Has a Pond!

David Tennant Hall of Fame homophone literalism surname - 6156204032
By Unknown

He's Definitely The Sideshow's Mane Coarse

attraction double meaning homophone horse literalism - 4643693312
By SpikeDawg

Best Answer? BEST ANSWER!

fine Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism man Pronunciation surname - 6245355776
By Unknown

Pedobear is Disappoint

difference Hall of Fame homophone letter minors - 6383180288
Via Reddit

My Furniture is so Ferncy!

furniture pattern literalism prefix homophone - 6859995904
By NomALlama

Snow White and the Seven-Day Service

camera double meaning film Hall of Fame homophone prince prints snow white - 6185584384
By PrincessWordplay

You Wish You Were As Trve Kvlt As This Bunny

hair hare homophone rabbit bunny - 7061883136
By Unknown

Charlie Chaplain

homophone literalism surname - 6103831296
By mitchells2003

Pier Review

critique double meaning Hall of Fame homophone peer pier - 6430237440
By Chris


homophone ice picture recursion shorthand slang - 4250944256
By lolbeeen

I'm Very GLaDOS to Have Good Hygeine

cake cube double meaning homophone literalism lye Portal rhyme - 4771613696
By Unknown

Capsized Ship

ship homophone space double meaning literalism - 6667958528
By xyzpdq1

Seems Pretty Binary to Me

Harry Potter homophone house opposites suffix - 6279066880
By Unknown

It's a Lovely Tail Indeed

captain double meaning homophone jack sparrow Johnny Depp literalism Pirates of the Caribbean song tail tale - 5165759744
By tenac007