disease homophone ill Kim Jong-Il Okay - 4239716608
Created by lololol1212

I Love the Crunchy Guitar Sounds He Creates

cracker homophone literalism uncle - 5783883008
Created by Chedderwolf

Cookie Doe

cookies doe dough homophone literalism shape - 4364505856
Created by hermionehp100

Ce Parlez en Francais, S'il Vous Plait!

ask bathroom facebook french homophone question - 5928034048
Created by rhfjhguibhfr

Hope You Like Tailoring!

excited homophone name sew shop sign so store - 6482230784
Via Reddit

Bad Joke Eel Makes Babies Cry

question ten Bad Joke Eel answer octopus homophone - 6878224128

Bad Toilet Humor

the pepper pancake toilet water urine youre-in homophone cliché double meaning - 6679496448
Created by Static_Bunny ( Via The Pepper Pancake )
food Hall of Fame homophone homophones hunting literalism puns similar sounding store Video - 34397185

VIDEO: Pun Hunting at the Grocery Store

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beat beats beet beets double meaning dubstep Hall of Fame homophone literalism - 4707324160


cow dairy homophone legendary literalism Neil Patrick Harris song - 4921809152

Wow, What Hypocrites!

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism logo reinterpretation sex - 6284148224
Created by xyzpdq1

Post-Traumatic Bake Disorder

abbreviation cookies double meaning gingerbread gingerbread man Hall of Fame homophone literalism nam nom slang Vietnam - 5286370560
Created by Han.D.Jay

Thanks for Deciphering This One for Me, Google

bass homophone literalism parody similar sounding song - 4947801600
Created by FireWire_

Weed Just Need You to Stay Still

contraction double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism - 5672433920
Created by zero00430

Both Look a Little Yoko Onclear to Me

expression face Hall of Fame homophone literalism no o suffix surname yes - 6179026432
Created by Jess J
leaf groan-inducing literalism homophone leaves Video - 48304385

WARNING: This Pun Will Make You Groan/Sigh/Punch Things/Etc.

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