REFRAME: It Breaks Your Bank, Not Your Floor

brand brands homophone ikea inside joke kia nokia phone Reddit Reframe suffix - 5662315264
Created by reximilian

He's Definitely The Sideshow's Mane Coarse

attraction double meaning homophone horse literalism - 4643693312
Created by SpikeDawg

Give Him a Break, He Just Finished Hibernating!

bear literalism homophone double meaning - 6717069312
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double meaning homophone name - 4064161024
Created by luckynumber78


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I'd Like to Roll Some Stones at That Rat...

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone lolwut long lyric need punchline terrible - 5369861888
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definition double meaning hi high homophone literalism - 4907789312
Created by ArmadilloJr

How... Thoughtful?

double meaning homophone literalism pair pear - 6621608960
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She May Be Hot, But Her Personality is Rather Chile

sex cliché miner minor literalism homophone bad joke is bad double meaning - 6695828480
Created by xyzpdq1

Christopher Robin (the Hundred-Acre Wood)

homophone literalism robin winnie the pooh - 6235410176
Created by Unknown

The Life of Pi(e)

pi pun - Cuisine - The Life of Pie The Journey Begins with a Fork... SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by buzmurdock

Two Soon?

double meaning homophone literalism meme SOON too soon two - 6545366016
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Well, and Also Because of Federal Regulations

boat boats cliché homophone peer peer pressure pier pressure - 5727661824
Created by venusaurmaster


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A Female Deer!

catchphrase deer doe homer homophone the simpsons the sound of music - 6384913152
Created by SpikeDawg

Peanut Butter Jelly Thyme

cliché family guy Hall of Fame homophone homophones jelly literalism peanut butter thyme - 5449854720
Created by cheeseblarg ( Via cheeseblarg.blogspot.com )