bread breed creepy dogs double meaning eating Hall of Fame homophone laughing literalism lolwut - 5068775168
By Unknown


acronym double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones kfc lenin literalism Putin russia russian stalin - 4828926208
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Tearable Puns

tearable tear terrible puns homophone double meaning literalism classic - 6660218880
By Spencer Jarrett

Resisting a Rest

arrest double meaning Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism lolwut resistance rest - 5394307328
By Bendyrulz (Via iraffiruse.net)

This Food Tastes a Little Bunny

hair hare homophone - 6584239360
By evilelmo (Via Reddit)


crow Hall of Fame homophone homophones inceptipun lolwut micro - 5269956352
By Unknown

Ooooh, Looks Like They're Gonna Throw Down in the Pit(a)!

double meaning homophone literalism rap wrap - 6593866240
Via Gemma Correll

Sing It, Gurrrrrl

homophone literalism lyrics parody song - 4810942976
By Craptabulous


sandwich witch sand homophone double meaning literalism - 6673878528
By Vchanfan

He's the Solidest of Snakes

homophone logo surname - 6357744384
By fishheatcats

Both Crownies Were Charged

crow crows double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism murder - 5177366784
By Namey

Better a Fat Beet Than a Sick One!

beat beet cute double meaning fat Hall of Fame homophone literalism Owl - 6416911872
Via Sebastien Millon


cow dairy homophone legendary literalism Neil Patrick Harris song - 4921809152
By Unknown

The Wonder's in Your Collection!

homophone thyme time - 6331620864
By Unknown

Harry Potter Puns, Amirite?

Harry Potter homophone double meaning - 7061901056
Via I Can't Actually Art

I Think You Know Eggsactly What I Mean

foul fowl homophone language literalism upset - 4786532096
By Unknown