double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism shape tree - 6357157376
Via Reddit

And if You Like Whipping Your Hair, You Were Probably Born to Be Willow

born to be wild double meaning homophone homophones literalism oscar wilde - 5841648128
By Unknown

Good Question...

alone double meaning homophone literalism loan lyric question song - 5930780672
By cakeandqpm1138

He Puts the Ass in Assouplissant Textile

french Hall of Fame homophone literalism lolwut posing prefix robert downey jr puns - 5159936512
By Unknown

Dear Algebra...

algebra denial double meaning ex find Hall of Fame homophone literalism x y - 6226711552
Via Reddit

A Sine From God

double meaning god Hall of Fame homophone literalism sign sine - 6104785664
By 3Davideo

Can(y)oe At Least Help Me In?

boat or ultimatum homophone - 6687904768
Via Reddit


Hall of Fame hipster homophone literalism physics schrodinger similar sounding - 4928892672
By Unknown

A Creature Steeped in Mythos

abbreviation double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism tea t rex tyrannosaurus rex - 5673110272
By rocket-taco (Via Chooglin)

Jon Hamm

ham surname literalism homophone - 6795729408
By Unknown

Oh So Terrible...

tearable terrible literalism homophone double meaning - 6756256256
By Jovanang


bird homophone literalism parakeet pear photoshop prefix similar sounding - 4604472320
By sinajax (Via www.humandescent.com)


definition double meaning hi high homophone literalism - 4907789312
By ArmadilloJr

That Compact Pressure Cooker Sure Uses a Lot of Force...

chewbacca chewy dinner Hall of Fame homophone legos nickname star wars steak - 4628652288
By Unknown

I'd Like to Roll Some Stones at That Rat...

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone lolwut long lyric need punchline terrible - 5369861888
By Cally (Via Go Comics)

He Gon' Flip You the Bird!

bird curse homophone homophones upset - 5406128640
By Chinchillazilla
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