This Whole Post is Going to be One Cheap Trick

bread double meaning dough Hall of Fame homophone literalism lyrics parody rewrite song - 5812006912
Via A.S.B.

SMP CLASSIC: Orange You Just So Sweet?

fanta fantastic Hall of Fame homophone stick - 6338303488
Created by Jazzure

Well No One Will Steal it From You Now...

Hall of Fame homophone lego literalism slang slogan waffle - 5030744320
Created by sammy1089

If Your Friends Jumped...

hypothetical peer pressure pier peer homophone double meaning - 6636877312
Created by Unknown

Pedobear is Disappoint

difference Hall of Fame homophone letter minors - 6383180288
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bare homophone homophones it pun sign signs street street signs - 4470186752
Created by K-ho

Well, and Also Because of Federal Regulations

boat boats cliché homophone peer peer pressure pier pressure - 5727661824
Created by venusaurmaster


chicken delicious food homophone leg lost nam nom noms Vietnam - 4201513472

You Gotta Put Your Game Face (Dij)On!

homophone ketchup literalism similar sounding - 4712364032
Created by PuppyPup119

A Balanced R&B Meal

bacon eggs homophone literalism shoop suffix - 6246440704
Created by PetePete

Scooby Puns

answer Hall of Fame homophone knight night question scooby doo - 6233546496
Via Reddit

Anyone Wanna Go Shopping?

double meaning homophone literalism mall - 6383254016
Via Reddit

A Truly En-lightened Beverage

Gravity homophone literalism prefix tea - 6492474880
Created by GalderGollum

I'm Very GLaDOS to Have Good Hygeine

cake cube double meaning homophone literalism lye Portal rhyme - 4771613696

Phlight to Philadelphia.

homophone literalism plain plane typo - 6591064064
Created by gambiNOther

Peanut M&Ms

eminem Hall of Fame homophone literalism peanuts similar sounding - 5941521920
Created by tonis
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