The Songs All Sound Strange in Chinese Though...

disney double meaning homophone juxtaposition literalism Movie movies mulan musical - 5773249024
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Acevedismos )

So THAT'S Why The Bathroom Always Smells So Nice!

double meaning homophone literalism toilet trees - 6342216192
Created by xyzpdq1


comic contraction homophone homophones scent tree video game war - 3966333184
Created by Unknown

I'll Just Let You Rumen-ate Over This One for a While

cow double meaning homophone homophones literalism - 6098359808
Created by crazygodlessfun

'Hamlet Hears a Hoof'

answer combination dr seuss homophone juxtaposition question shakespeare william shakespeare - 4877334272
Created by catsuberalles

What a Croak of S**t!

double meaning homophone literalism toad - 6486354688
Created by Ananymoose


cinco de mayo holiday homophone homophones literalism mayo similar sounding sink - 4728909312
Created by Grey_Jay

Yes and Yes and Yes

game homophone hungry literalism similar sounding - 4612344064
Created by Eightyeightdays


bread butter cat double meaning hair hare homophone lemon lime literalism mouse tortoise - 4323247872
Created by Unknown

He Couldn't Handle the Daily Rind

aid double meaning homophone lemon lemonade literalism - 4982570752
Created by xyzpdq1


cold hoarse homophone horse sick similar sounding - 4473460736
Created by jedimom1138

A Sine From God

double meaning god Hall of Fame homophone literalism sign sine - 6104785664
Created by 3Davideo

Well, and Also Because of Federal Regulations

boat boats cliché homophone peer peer pressure pier pressure - 5727661824
Created by venusaurmaster

You Could Always Go Planking...

board bored boring do want double meaning fun Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism something wood - 5039195904
Created by Erin ( Via theyaffle.blogspot.com )

I Can't Decide Which I Like Better

bear bear grylls grill Hall of Fame homophone literalism similar sounding - 6145793280
Created by xyzpdq1

It's Probably Because He Had to Be in the Same Band as Axl...

Horatio Cane - Cartoon - Hey, Buckethead's not looking so good he seemed I had noticed YEEAAAAH a little PAIL SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by Unknown
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