double meaning fall great homophone humpty dumpty literalism - 5230550784
By Unknown

Charlie Chaplain

homophone literalism surname - 6103831296
By mitchells2003

Pedobear is Disappoint

difference Hall of Fame homophone letter minors - 6383180288
Via Reddit

Sweet Kicks, Bro!

cereal double meaning homophone literalism shoes slang - 6591942912
Via Ancient-Goon

Her Visits Do Tend to Leave Something to Be Desired...

double meaning groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophone literalism punchline - 5675912192
Via Three Word Phrase

Walk-In Cooler

cooler similar sounding literalism christopher walken homophone - 6745848832
By Unknown


harry homophone literalism prince Wales whales - 4771467520
By Unknown

Whole Milk

double meaning hole homophone literalism - 6130318592
Via Reddit

The Hardest Part is Always Figuring Out Witch Kind to Buy

double meaning homophone literalism - 5527469056
By AlexandraSwiss (Via Dominic Deegan)


catchphrase con convention homophone khan meme quote Star Trek - 4660683008
By Unknown

If This Doesn't Convince You Canon is the Better Brand, Nothing Will

cannon canon brands literalism camera nikon homophone - 7039183104
Via Reddit

Two Soon?

double meaning homophone literalism meme SOON too soon two - 6545366016
Via Reddit

2012 Apocalypse!

time literalism thyme homophone double meaning - 6871011840
By elementgreen (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Positive Feedback is Important

double meaning homophone literalism - 6383114496
Via Octopuns

Thanks for Deciphering This One for Me, Google

bass homophone literalism parody similar sounding song - 4947801600
By FireWire_

Fathers Always Come Up With Creative <em>Pun</em>ishments

comic dad double meaning home homophone ohm punishment - 4832051968
By Striks
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