A Marked Improvement, if You Ask Me

better homophone homophones hue hugh laurie humanity manatee Reframe - 5408572416
Created by rottenray

Will Feral

Cats Hanksy homophone surname Will Ferrell - 6456285184
Via Hanksy

What's the Eevee for This Mission?

double meaning eevee evolution Hall of Fame homophone literalism Pokémon prefix - 5751639296
Created by oreoz314

Abraham Linkoln

abraham lincoln Hall of Fame homophone lincoln link literalism surname the legend of zelda - 5934498560
Via Reddit

I'll Believe it's a Real Epidemic When Pigs Fly!

double meaning homophone literalism - 6543112960
Created by SpikeDawg

Heisenberg is a Shear Genius

breaking bad homophone juxtaposition lamb onomatopoeia replacement sheep show similar sounding sound television - 6576461312
Via Liz Climo

Capsized Ship

ship homophone space double meaning literalism - 6667958528
Created by xyzpdq1

Two Soon?

double meaning homophone literalism meme SOON too soon two - 6545366016
Via Reddit

Hayters Gonna Hate

haters gonna hate homophone literalism - 5019729664
Created by ebondefender


chicken delicious food homophone leg lost nam nom noms Vietnam - 4201513472
Created by Unknown

She Must Be Really Pissed!

answer ask help homophone homophones lolwut question sex trouble tumblr urine youre-in - 5588259328
Via Punblr

Don't Leave Me Hangin' On Like a Severed Ear

homophone song Van Gogh Vincent van Gogh - 6188441856
Via Reddit

But You DO Normally Explore the Cosmos...

carl sagan eye eyebrows homophone I - 6291949568
Via Carl Sagan's Eyebrows


be bee famous hamlet homophone literalism not or quote shakespeare soliloquy to be william shakespeare - 4508626176
Created by TheAlmonster


gymnastics literalism homophone - 6807691776
Created by Pancakes23

He Picked Himself Up by His Clawstraps

bare bear building double meaning hands homophone literalism - 6567777536
Via Reddit
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