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Whatever, I Do What I Want!

idiom literalism double meaning - 6815594496
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construction double meaning innuendo literalism Video - 33215233

The Handymen Know How to Handle a Pun

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What Kind of Roll Even is That?

double meaning idiom literalism on on a roll roll - 6344308224
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Let's Just Hope You Aren't a Thin Mint...

double meaning literalism mint - 5433816320
Created by Fatalyze ( Via fatalyze.deviantart.com )

Read Until the End. It's Worth It.

double meaning line literalism long form punch punchline variations on a theme worth it - 6605435904
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double meaning gifs groan-inducing Hall of Fame Lame Pun Coon without - 6357159424
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double meaning literalism saw see seeing - 6216603904
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Laughing Gas

double meaning element gas he laughing literalism repetition symbolism - 4769991168
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That Must Have Been Very Hard For You

cliché computer double meaning drive literalism lost - 5804189184
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )


dice double meaning homophone literalism misinterpretation tie - 4591814144
Created by SpikeDawg

A Match Made In Heaven

double meaning idiom literalism match - 5819893504
Created by Evoker

He's Attended by the Knights Who Say Knee

camel camelot double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lot - 6217064192
Created by Kuddelmuff

Super Punch-Out!!: Always a Beating

double meaning literalism video game world - 5064148480
Created by -Ghost-

That Movie Was Fontastic!

ariel disney double meaning font literalism name The Little Mermaid - 6382218752
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SMP CLASSIC: Dog, the Bounty Hunter

bounty brand classic dogs double meaning literalism - 6077976832
Created by Unknown

Money Laundering

double meaning laundering literalism money - 5893323264
Created by Snake73