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Oh... Now I Understand Why He Kept Calling His Girlfriend a Witch!

revenge literalism sandwich double meaning - 6792147712
Via The Lonely Swan

One of the Most Monumental Court Cases Ever

case court double meaning homophone literalism - 6173093632
By jackcrackspackle

Oh Vader, That's So Typical of You!

album dark side Dark Side of the Moon darth vader double meaning force Hall of Fame pink floyd - 6467691264
By GalderGollum (Via Brevity Comics)


double meaning Hall of Fame literalism stool stool sample - 4732673280
By Unknown


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By Unknown


crash double meaning down microsoft parody Pillow satire windows - 4535891712
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: 555 Numbers Are ALWAYS Trustworthy

call classic double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation - 6481259776
By Mission_Possible


bread breed creepy dogs double meaning eating Hall of Fame homophone laughing literalism lolwut - 5068775168
By Unknown

Doesn't Seem Like it Could Hold Much Treasure...

double meaning idiom literalism - 6015321856
By Unknown

At Least the Signal is Clear!

brands double meaning Hall of Fame kia literalism nokia prefix - 5593243904
By LOLdogexpert

Sweet Dreams!

bed dear deer double meaning Hall of Fame homophone honey literalism sleeping - 5156922112
By xyzpdq1

Talk Post-Mortem Tomb Me, Baby!

dead double meaning literalism - 6423249408
Via Reddit

Pier Review

critique double meaning Hall of Fame homophone peer pier - 6430237440
By Chris

You Now Have That Riff Stuck in Your Head

double meaning Hall of Fame hay jimi hendrix literalism - 6040815616
By xyzpdq1


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By Chris Chong

She's Super into Lip-Lock, Too!

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By Unknown