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They're Both Clearly Over the Moon

brand detergent double meaning high laundry detergent literalism shoop tide tides - 6538190080
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The Red is Raspberry... Right?

double meaning lemonade lenin literalism prefix stand - 4623961088
By SpikeDawg


double entendre double meaning excuse frog gross Hall of Fame innuendo kermit muppet reason the muppets - 5419502592
By Unknown

Well, Earthquakes Can Happen Undersea...

cracking double meaning homophone kraken literalism Pirates of the Caribbean quote similar sounding - 4782686464
By toodlooo


double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lunch sandwich - 5394597888
By Unknown

You Might Even Call it Peckercraft

block chicken double meaning literalism lolwut slang - 5202498048
By Reinforcement

Your Throat Must Be Foal of Phlegm...

cannot double meaning excuse hoarse homophone horse literalism reason talk - 5562678272
By chris737
bass bass drop double meaning drop dubstep literalism term Video - 27352321


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The Best Way to Go Out With a Bang

training crash double meaning train - 7061400832
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Maybe He Can Sharpen Up and Try Again Next Year

literalism running scissors double meaning politics - 6827737600
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Not So Secret Anymore

bag cat cliché double meaning idiom out - 5376216832
By GravityFish

The Sacred Practice of Taekwondorigami

combination double meaning juxtaposition literalism - 4942397952
By xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Tearable Puns

tearable tear terrible puns homophone double meaning literalism classic - 6660218880
By Spencer Jarrett

This Practically Doubles as a Flaming Lips Album Cover

zebra bra homophones double meaning shape - 7114656256
By Unknown


double meaning Han Solo idea names star wars touché - 4449955584
By JakeLim (Via Washington Post)

Dr. NO.

double meaning expression james bond Rage Comics - 6180335360
By engleshen (Via IMDB)