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Weird Al Shreds on Stage

gifs Weird Al Yankovic literalism double meaning - 6738902016
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Just Don't Ask to See Its Flügtag

wings literalism slogan double meaning - 6891847680
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We'll Always Have Paris

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Better Than the Ones That Make You Do Pushups

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism support - 6459079424
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It's Also Quite a Workout!

children double meaning literalism support three - 5897424128
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It Can Support a Very Heavy Load

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SMP CLASSIC: It's Also Greasy With Thumbprints

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By Lucky810

Advice Column

advice double meaning literalism - 6639550976
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And I Queen?

double meaning Hall of Fame i will kate middleton literalism misinterpretation royal wedding will - 5290639360
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You Might be Catching a Colt

double meaning Hall of Fame hoarse homophone horse horses literalism question - 6297409536
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Feel Free to Chew On This Pun For a While

question answer tooth water molar solution double meaning literalism - 6687901440
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Benito Bruceoleeni

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Cell-to-Cell Communication

cell double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 5362589184
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All the Rage With Eighth Graders the World Over!

away double meaning literalism style tear - 6264084480
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