double meaning

SMP CLASSIC: Fancy Fruit is Fancy

peel appealing homophone literalism double meaning banana classic - 6634883328
Created by Herb1990

Glad He Didn't Stay Glued to His Issues

around double meaning literalism problems - 6532703744
Created by xyzpdq1


disney double meaning film innuendo move pixar poster up viagra - 4703773696
Created by Unknown

Free Radio Blackbeard

double meaning literalism Pirate radio - 6472737792
Via Gemma Correll

The Hold Steady Wrote a Song About This!

double meaning issues literalism magazine Sad - 5593074176
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Arhaus...

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics madness song street - 6310733312
Created by Matt S

The Hell is This!?

anime bleach confused double meaning google literalism results show wtf - 4658533376
Created by saphiire

Evaporated Milk

milk literalism double meaning - 6695935488
Created by xyzpdq1

This Family Always Takes Their Meals On Wheels!

double meaning home literalism mobile - 6555226368
Created by xyzpdq1

I Ocelove Them Both

lot literalism double meaning suffix little - 6770338304
Created by Unknown


comic double meaning dream ellen page Inception job leonardo dicaprio - 4323107840
Created by Unknown


all answer double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism Lord of the Rings math numbers question real - 4588819968
Created by Lali


double meaning Hall of Fame iron pointless posters - 5220321024
Created by Unknown

Oh Lord, Gurrrrrrrl

trolling literalism brand facebook troll double meaning juice name - 6739560448
Created by LadyShirahime93

Who's On First?

baseball classic doctor who double meaning Hall of Fame literalism whos-on-first - 5325726976
Created by Richdog

A Picture That Says it All

picture literalism double meaning - 6659524864
Via Reddit
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