double meaning

I Wanna Hold Your... Talon?

double meaning hair Hall of Fame literalism owls suffix the Beatles - 5640908288
Created by JMJMad1

Medicine is Quite the Spicy Occupation

doctor double meaning literalism pepper - 4605253376
Created by themagentapill

Monster Truck

double meaning drink energy drink literalism monster truck - 5340060672

Rolling in the Kennel

adele literalism sound double meaning - 6877841152
Via Reddit

A Very Kirby Valentine

kirby euphemism double entendre video games double meaning Valentines day - 7064307200
Via VG Cats

I'm Searching for a White Christmas

double meaning literalism microsoft - 5629982208
Created by pedretta

What's the Prognosis, Dach(sund)?

Pillow dentist teeth shark double meaning dogs - 7122081792

Rod's Greatest Hits

vintage literalism double meaning - 6639326720
Created by Shirazz

All You Need to Make it Through the Day

double meaning headphones keyboard literalism monitor mouse - 4883338752
Created by battousai

That Explains the Shape of His Nose, I Guess

face literalism double meaning plant - 6792164096
Via Reddit

The Hardest Part is Always Figuring Out Witch Kind to Buy

double meaning homophone literalism - 5527469056
Created by AlexandraSwiss ( Via Dominic Deegan )

Has This Fruit Never Been to a Punk Show?

double meaning fruit Hall of Fame literalism open pit statement - 5877830912
Via Nathan Dickerson

Next Time on 'Star Trek: TMZ'

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism shoop Star Trek - 5843584000

Sonic Resents That Remark

question answer advice hedgehog double meaning - 7104304128

Fortified Milk

double meaning literalism milk - 5023128064
Created by Magno


double meaning fat literalism milk slogan - 5686483712
Created by Mac_Man
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