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Monty Python and the Fus Ro Dah

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone knight meme monty python monty python and the holy grail quote Skyrim TO - 5737392384
Via m3jcnv

Weird Al Shreds on Stage

gifs Weird Al Yankovic literalism double meaning - 6738902016
By Unknown

That's Strait Up Whack!

double meaning homophone homophones lolwut russian - 5496584960
By NinjaKittehs24


before double meaning Hall of Fame land literalism misinterpretation Movie reinterpretation series The Land Before Time time - 4988398848
By Unknown

A Recap of the Transit of Venus

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 6304104960
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Now if Only We Could Keep Pork Spending Out of the Health Care System...

cooking cure disease double meaning Hall of Fame ham literalism pig - 6109555712
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They Ain't Lion About Their Sexuality Anymore

double meaning gay Hall of Fame iconography lion lions pride - 4631714048
By Unknown

Good News Everybody! Gas Prices Are Falling!

gas falling literalism double meaning - 6742228480
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awful double meaning groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophones suffix suicide - 5368712704
By Unknown

Seems Like it Might Come in Handy

brand double meaning dryer explanation literalism program - 3943990528
By 707gatos

Gymnastics and Fugue

Bach back demonstration double meaning johann sebastian bach literalism - 6545417728
By Unknown

MITT Romney

double meaning literalism Mitt Romney shoop - 6622407424
By hongalabongala

Call of Duty

call double meaning Hall of Fame iphone literalism name - 5689257984
By Snake73


bag dirt double meaning literalism - 6596928000
By netsnets (Via Happy Smart Book)

Instead of Active Peacefulness...

peace literalism shirt homophone piece double meaning - 6733034496
By ToolBee

He's in Love With a Pamphlet

double meaning hipster homophone surname - 6356053760
Via The Daily Meme
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