double meaning

Thanks for the Clarification!

double meaning poodle three toy twist - 4776271616
Created by Unknown

And Yet You Keep Submitting Them...

annoying double meaning - 5074707712
Created by dbryanw

SMP CLASSIC-ish: Arhaus...

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lyrics madness song street - 6310733312
Created by Matt S

I Currently Think You Should Just Stop Trying

double meaning equation ohm physics resistance - 4758036992
Created by NJStarr


birds double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame literalism troll trolling - 4892866816
Created by Unknown

ICWUDT Mental Floss...

around cliché double meaning globe Hall of Fame ICWUDT literalism name william shakespeare - 5856900096
Created by LOLdogexpert ( Via Mental Floss )

Teaching You How to Pick Up Chicks

pickup line literalism line pick up double meaning - 6756236800
Created by Pinkielicious


disney double meaning film innuendo move pixar poster up viagra - 4703773696
Created by Unknown

Naughty Pillow Fight

double meaning literalism reversal - 6413174272
Created by Belljar84 ( Via The Missing Digit )

The Leaves Want No Part of it Either!

double meaning fan Hall of Fame homophone literalism well - 5907076608
Via Punblr

That's Way Easier Than Working Out!

burn double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 6360442112
Created by xyzpdq1

I Don't Think He'll Be Taking That Job Offer...

album double meaning Hall of Fame interview jimi hendrix job question title - 4805161984
Created by Unknown

Navy SEALs

double meaning literalism navy seals - 4885819136
Created by daanvan

Let's Just Hope You Aren't a Thin Mint...

double meaning literalism mint - 5433816320
Created by Fatalyze ( Via fatalyze.deviantart.com )

Rein it in, Deer.

tail literalism homophones double meaning - 6870480128
Via Reddit

It's Good for Your Vitruvian Manhood

advice art double meaning flash literalism misinterpretation photography - 4745345280
Created by catsuberalles
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