Honesty is the WINNING Policy

answer cyanide-happiness double meaning Hall of Fame interview literalism mirror question see ten - 5137196544
Created by xyzpdq1

Fightin' Turds

comic fighting idea jerk lolwut rhyme rhyming word words - 5414748672
Created by amy457


homophone homophones lolwut oneupsmanship pair pear pears punception - 5423356928
Created by Unknown

One Foot of Snow is Better Than Two, Right?

double meaning foot literalism shape snow - 5813300480
Created by Caffinehog ( Via Wunderground )

The Magic of Computers

computers puns funny - 7843000832
Via Hejibits

It's an Offense-Free Philosophy

Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding the lion king - 6109392896
Created by Unknown


Cheezburger Image 3448223488
Created by Unknown

On So Many Levels

puns funny - 7586481664
Via Em, I guess

It's Also Quite a Workout!

children double meaning literalism support three - 5897424128
Created by xyzpdq1


chicken chinese double meaning food Hall of Fame homophone jean-luc picard literalism noms picard so Star Trek type - 5099351296
Created by Unknown

That Skit Was Her Hair Pièce de Résistance

after before literalism not similar sounding spelling surname - 6080265472
Created by spawnsolo

Free Stool Samples

double meaning free Hall of Fame literalism stool stool sample try - 5820266240
Created by Ginctm ( Via Monday Punday )
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This Trek is Sick!

catchphrase final frontier Hall of Fame literalism quote similar sounding space Spock Star Trek vinyl - 5156765184
Created by membery782

He's Married to Angelina Guacajolie

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism pit - 6259497984
Created by Pinds ( Via Clarence McKenah )

He's More Sour Than Sweet

bowl double meaning literalism mean - 5596987136
Created by Unknown