The Lion Queen!

queen freddie mercury lyrics song bohemian rhapsody opposites - 6718093056

Female Dogs...

innuendo hoe literalism homophone double meaning - 6955812096
Created by Mistform
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I Need Your Clothes, Your Puns, and Your Motorcycle

terminator puns image - 8795121920
Via PrincessWordplay


depressing double meaning homophones job literalism soda work - 4969985024

It Would Behoove You to Find Yourself in One

relationship horses double meaning stable - 7086273024
Created by xyzpdq1


bear bear grylls concept difference homophones literalism name similar sounding - 4495819008

She Just Wants to Go Back to Her Own Living Quarters

comic status - 7020480512
Via Ryan Lowrie

Don't Blow Your Top

topless - 7138754816
Created by xyzpdq1

Orange - 1, Red - 0

Canada double meaning literalism Music rock - 6375306240
Via Reddit

Just What You Need for Pumpin' Some Iron Curtain

communist literalism o similar sounding suffix vest - 4628854272
Created by doogledeedoo

Thanks, Queensland Police!

puns horses funny police - 7614187264
Via Just Jeorgia

Happy Wedding Gay!

puns wedding gay - 7897718272
Via maddishly


aquatic conversation excited facebook life sea status update water - 4560135680

But I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly

dam damn idiom literalism homophones jam - 6958604800
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Weird Al Yankovic chamillionaire Harry Potter - 4031778304
Created by amz