Where There's a Will, There's a Way

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cute notes left by a girlfriend

Witty Girlfriend Leaves the Most Adorable Post-its For Her Boyfriend Everyday

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Toad Stool

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Relatable and depressing memes about 2020 being a bad year, worst year ever | Hana @Hana_Istvar this one aged like fine wine Constantine @Med_LARPE This is imagine 2020s will be like Uber Eats | Oh Halloween season been scared all year didn't really notice. Y Same

Bleak 2020 Memes Because The Fun's Not Over Yet

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Now That's the Best Kind of Poisoning

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Jerzy Gwiazdowski is a Stately Punmaster

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I Tend to Prefer IPAs, But...

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Caruso Would Ace This Test

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I Sea What You Did There, Bad Joke Eel

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Funny memes, tweets, and tumblr posts collected from Reddit, r/brandnewsentence | Molly Hodgdon @Manglewood His kiss slow, but firm and unyielding like an old man backing his Lincoln Town OCar over handicapped parking sign. | Dylan Sprouse @dylansprouse Happy two year anniversary. Here's us looking more alike with each passing year until single beast with four arms and four legs runs at top speed 50mph and screams like baboon at nearby travelers trespassing into our woods many more!

Creative Posts From Internet Poets

Move over, Shakespeare.
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Well At Least it's Still a Way to Urn a Paycheck

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O Reilly?

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I Always Knew Football Was a Thinking Man's Game

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