Freddie Mercury

double meaning freddie mercury literalism mercury queen surname - 6380964864
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Lame Pun Coon money similar sounding - 5341731584
Created by cakebaker410

Snapes on a Plane

Cheezburger Image 7752325376
Created by beernbiccies


aladdin disney Hall of Fame homophones literalism lyrics magikarp Pokémon ride song - 5452037376
Karen goes through a series of angry mental gymnastics over a parking space.

Karen Goes Through Angry Mental Gymnastics Over Parking Space

Boss move, indeed.
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You Should Have Grabbed it as it Was Russian Away!

rat legend similar sounding prefix - 7128447744
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file chris brown dat ass suffix - 6718102272
Created by ichckid098

And Sew it Goes

double meaning literalism regular - 4966180096
Created by xyzpdq1

Finally, a Poster I Can Get Behind!

Hall of Fame homophone keep calm and carry on literalism meme poster - 5167064064
Created by maxystone

I Want to Listen To This Band Right Meow

Music puns Cats - 7868626176

Similar Sounds, Different Meanings

elements elephants Hall of Fame literalism periodic table similar sounding table - 6314819072
Created by Lucky810

Chris Brown's Next Career

chris brown getting literalism paper single song - 4678898688
Created by JDSlimz

Iron Man the Avenger

iron man iron element double meaning literalism T.Shirt - 6647498496
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iron man periodic table puns science - 3606783232
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Hayters Gonna Hate

haters gonna hate homophone literalism - 5019729664
Created by ebondefender

Sure, You Seem Like a Pheasant Enough Fellow

bird question similar sounding - 5945364224
Created by Kraken42