dank internet memes | Person - Communism Theory will have classless society will be great! Communism Practice: | Hat - Men be like Where's ketchup LAND LAKES HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP Men also be like Do see 1,535 m Taliban Sniper away?"

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (10-17 To 10-23)

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His Calling Plan Is Very Restrictive...

cell phone homophone knights phone - 5420589824
Created by Craptabulous

Sweet Dreams!

bed dear deer double meaning Hall of Fame homophone honey literalism sleeping - 5156922112
Created by xyzpdq1

Carrier Pigeons Just Got an Update

Cheezburger Image 7782900992
Created by Unknown

A Mashup Made in Heaven

double meaning Han Solo homophone literalism meme Memes paula deen star wars - 5172714240
Created by pedretta


Hall of Fame heart katy perry literalism lolwut lyrics - 5054897408
Created by Unknown

Not-So-Great Sword

less literalism more suffix - 6128571648
Created by Musashi1596

You Otter Know the Difference

puns cute otters ice - 7831864064
See all captions Created by Unknown


attack batman comics counter puns vintage - 3599594496
Created by Unknown

My Mom Said She Made Brownies...

brown e brownies - 7233724160

Dark Ages Frugality

sir homophone double meaning knight - 6991600896
Via @Hottest_Carl

It Can Support a Very Heavy Load

arms chair double meaning literalism - 4953221376
Created by maxystone

Seriously Though, Which Bus Line Is This?

goat puns funny bus - 7709750272
Created by Unknown


50 cent bored Cents double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lolwut me gusta rage comic Rage Comics two - 5356477184
Created by Unknown

That's an Opinion You Can Have About it, Sure...

amazing cliché corny double meaning homophone literalism maze - 5492994560
Created by Facinelli4ever


cartoons characters crush crushed Pokémon types - 4140279040
Created by electrodinosaur