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33 Saucy Astrology Memes For Planet-Gazers

Memes for aspiring astrologers & casual enjoyers alike
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H2Overwhelming Arrogance

double meaning glass idiom water - 6423256064
Via Pleated Jeans

This Inspirational Quote Makes Me Feel Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché FAIL Hall of Fame moon quote similar sounding stars - 5866667776
By C-fax (Via Reddit)


children creepy double meaning literalism sign watch watching weird - 6632324608
By xyzpdq1

Buffy's Pun Game Strong AF

puns image - 8795104512
Via NoeCarrier

Traditional Gender Rolls

rolls puns funny - 7611217408
Via Always the Quiet Ones

Has This Fruit Never Been to a Punk Show?

double meaning fruit Hall of Fame literalism open pit statement - 5877830912
Via Nathan Dickerson

A Catch-22

baseball double meaning literalism - 5973955328
By Unknown


double meaning literalism neologism pig portmanteau - 5339951872
By Unknown

Orange Ice Cream? I'm Skeptical...

cone double meaning I ice cream ice cream cone literalism scream - 4794149632
By xyzpdq1

At Least the Signal is Clear!

brands double meaning Hall of Fame kia literalism nokia prefix - 5593243904
By LOLdogexpert
Funny random memes | she tells go talk hose hoes been thinking bout u Greg omg | terrified Backstreet Boys Therapist: tell why SCREAMING Ron Swanson

Twenty-Eight Dumb Posts To Take The Pain Away

The memes of your dreams!
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I'll Be Here All Week Folks

puns bear image - 8795292672
Via darkninja2992


double meaning island kitchen off pan saying - 4573106176
By tonis

A Lesson in Proper Etiquette

double meaning fraction fractions literalism - 6563408640
Via Reddit

What to Eat While You're Watching Movies

wall.e - 7432534272
By Unknown