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Lemon Party

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wtf memes, awful memes, random memes, weird memes | Person - Alana Massey O @AlanaMassey Happy 4 year anniversary time had sex swamp and got UTI resisted 3 antibiotics and spread my kidneys! 7/24/17, 13:12 982 RETWEETS 2,468 LIKES

11 Awful Things From The Internet With No Redeeming Qualities

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Now if Only We Could Keep Pork Spending Out of the Health Care System...

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The Best Animal Puns of 2013 (So Far)!

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Always in Good Hands

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Or That Volleyball. It Smelled Awesome.

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Together They Are Han Trio

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These Mushrooms Just Said Something Real Mean About Yo Mamma

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Not Believing His Eyes, He Even Did a Double Take!

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Can I Give You a Gotye-O-U?

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Tie Chi to Achieve Nothingness

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You Guys Are Even Better At This Than Jesus!

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Shaquille O'neal Puns

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