But How Fast Can He Make the Kessel Run?

star wars similar sounding added letter Han Solo hand - 7066663680
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Your Lips Are Sealed

glue puns makeup g rated poorly dressed - 7929509888
By Unknown

Oppa Poké Style

double meaning literalism Pokémon prefix - 6602814720
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band daft punk literalism parody photoshop rhyme song - 4542143232
By seriestoo2

German Engineering at its... Cleanest?

boba fett brand german Hall of Fame iron man label lolwut soap stark surnames - 6260147456
By Unknown


bunny caption cute puns - 3783097600
By Unknown

Leaving So Bassoon?

question SOON creepy double meaning suffix - 6736899840
By Matt

This is the Best Joke Ever Told (Seen)

jokes terminator puns - 7712993280
By Unknown

Girls Gone Wilde

double meaning homophone literalism oscar wilde - 5801428224
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Calf Massage

baby cow double meaning literalism - 6063527680

St pid Broken Ewe Key

puns funny - 7548402432
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Puns... Puns Everywhere.

shoulder misinterpretation dolly - 6938163200
By Unknown


double meaning drawing Hall of Fame Harry Potter instructions literalism test - 5336102400
By Unknown

He Just Wants the Facts, Yolks

double meaning egg hat literalism - 5828835584
By Rustilocks

Real Mature, Guys

Harry Potter similar sounding suffix - 6501154560
Via Laila the Sphinx

We've All Felt That Way

pun pin - 7704114176
By ieatpieism (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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