Cents change dime homophones making nickel sense - 4172755200
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The Picture of Dorian Grape

pun image - 8804377856
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But Your Puns Very Well Might...

Harry Potter Awkward homophones Cats - 6975684096
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Lawn Furniture

furniture lawn literalism double meaning - 6765945088
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double meaning facebook gandalf Lord of the Rings quote status update you shall not pass - 4805602816
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This Dog is Not Amused

dogs puns funny - 7706933760
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37 Wholesome Memes & Posts That Might Bring On The Waterworks

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Uh Yeah Okay Sure

China double meaning homophone literalism - 6505838848
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depressed double meaning down flat Lame Pun Coon meme Music musicians - 4570220800
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Vigilant Watch Is Best

pun under watch - 7754969088
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Mexican Wave

definition lolwut Mexican mustache origin sombrero wave - 6171370240
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That One Doesn't Even Match the Trim!

literalism double meaning - 6745433344
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Camping Gets Pretty In Tents

funny puns running past tents
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One More Darjeeling

puns tea funny - 7582997760
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We Gon' Party Like it's Sherbert Day

Cheezburger Image 7804048128
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Sailabrate, Good Times, Come On

sailing puns - 7767758592
Created by derpsnoherps
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