I Click My Pens a Lot

annoying Bar Graph pens - 5985846016
Via I Love Charts


graphs pac man Pie Chart pop culture the worst - 4980566272
Created by Soup613

Epic Fail(s)

failure short - 7714804736
Created by Evertide

Summary Of Straight Men

dating venn diagram - 7901344256

dork fight geek nerd venn diagram - 3849622016
Created by Sodaburger


awesome chart art - 5064594432

Bar Graph train - 4076495104
Created by Boulderdash

Doorless Bathroom of Doom

bathroom doors killing murder Pie Chart The Sims video games - 4555182080
Created by madameziggy

Don't Even Get Me Started on Disney Characters

anime characters Pie Chart race - 4588080384
Created by Evertide

first nerd Pie Chart school tests waiting - 4183047936
Created by teehee989

When a country's problems are important

election 2012 issues Pie Chart politics - 6584346368
Created by KingEman

commercials forget fridge pause Pie Chart TV - 3367785728
Created by maz-o

Bananas vs Stoplights

bananas best of week colors - 6044330752

Internet + Explorer = Rage

accurate infographic internet explorer rage guy - 3823821056
Created by the_cheat420

Do You Know Your Harry Potter MBTI?

Harry Potter - 7817608960
Via Simbaga

Oh My God, You Minimalized Kenny

art characters - 5331664640
Via Greg-guillemin
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