Pie Chart

Reasons I eat

boredom eating fridge Pie Chart - 6526578432
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When There's "No Food" At Home

food Pie Chart - 7040114176
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Health Pie Chart

health pie Pie Chart yummy - 3327305984
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What Students Do After Taking A One Year Break From College

break college degree die hate math off package post perform Pie Chart poverty smart students teach teaching theater theatre time uncomfortable waiting - 2380742912
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People Who Wear Sunglasses Inside

cool douchebags Pie Chart - 6494224128
Created by Unknown

Why people tell me I'm beautiful?

beauty mom parents Pie Chart - 6890780160
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Reasons I Majored in Engineering

major college Pie Chart - 6923357184
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The Birds Have Nothing on My Anger

angry birds Pie Chart pig video games - 5763960832
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cat hygiene Pie Chart water wet - 3880677120
Created by Radveeolee

Can't Stop (Like a Boss)

crumbs Pie Chart pringles - 4280763648
Created by -Crow-

First He Ruins Music, and Now Canada!?

Canada justin beiber Music Pie Chart - 5538332672
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Portal 2 Is Finally Here!

Pie Chart Portal sequels video games - 4596418816
Created by superkitteh1234

Replotted: People Are Just Jerks

jerks life people Pie Chart - 5604805120
Created by eatatdans

commercials Pie Chart short shorts - 3329869056

When do I play games on my Phone ?

games class school phone Pie Chart - 6751414016
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Lucky Charms

cereal dog food lucky charms Pie Chart - 6237959168
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