Pie Chart

Replotted: Trees Are Worth More Than This!

magazines Pie Chart waste - 5879412992
Created by leedleleedleleedlelee

Can't... Breath...

air best of week bus Pie Chart school school bus - 5443818240
Created by Unknown

"Oh Sure, Your Eyes are 'Watery' Because You 'Yawned'"

crying eyes Pie Chart Sad tears - 4626287616
Created by Unknown

No, Don't Tell Me What You Like!

commercials mom Pie Chart tampons television - 4249159680

Swearing By Activity

Pokémon swearing Mario Kart Pie Chart - 5238825984
Created by Unknown

Why people watch NASA spaceship takeoff

awesome nasa Pie Chart watch wrong - 3161794304
Created by Unknown

People Who Think the South is Full of Idiots

Pie Chart reality tv idiots - 6637198336
Created by CrimsonSparxx

Worth the Wait

snow skiing Pie Chart - 6947297792
Created by Sparkply32

Sol Is So Much Hotter Than The Biebs

celeb Pie Chart stars the biebs - 6043202560
Created by Unknown

Things memebase users remember about the debate.

Sesame Street Mitt Romney Pie Chart - 6638908416
Created by zakmatt2002

Give Me, Like, Five Minutes

busy online Pie Chart want - 5306694656
Created by Unknown

But Dogs Are so Cute

best of week crying Death dogs IRL Pie Chart Sad - 5863668224
Created by Lethaldonut

Times to use the word 'then' when comparing two things

grammar nazi never Pie Chart - 6599905280
Created by Unknown

It's All About Motivation

gym class Paranoid Parrot Pie Chart running - 6349922304
Created by Makez_you_giggle

"I Didn't Even Proofread It"

excuses papers Pie Chart school writing - 4651693568
Created by Unknown

keys Pie Chart - 3825052928
Created by Lankira