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Replotted: And Now I Forgot Why I Got on the Internet in the First Place

interwebs Pie Chart replotted work - 5935591168
Created by Warplexion

What doctors say before they hurt you

hurt pain doctor Pie Chart - 6798679040
Created by Toilet_water

cat food Pie Chart technology thumbs - 3931372544
Created by maryme229

Which One Are You?

Pie Chart pirates politicians - 5663046144

How I'm Procrastinating

google Pie Chart procrastination - 6591617024
Created by rahkshi95

Enough of This Stupid Game!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

monopoly Pie Chart - 5668043520
Created by 3camel3

Contents of my newsfeed on a snow day

snow day facebook Pie Chart - 7095851008
Created by Unknown

Zelda's a Girl! Get It Right, Gaw!

best of week gamers link Pie Chart video games zelda - 5620685056
Created by DivideByZeroError

And This Supposed to Make Me Want to Take It?

drugs commercials Pie Chart - 5241380096
Created by Unknown

apple ipod Music Pie Chart shuffle technology - 4124635904
Created by whiteexploder

Countdown to HP7-2: 15 Days and I Still Miss Sirius

black books Harry Potter movies Pie Chart Rebecca Black twilight - 4907499008
Created by glee851

Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

grammar ironic irony Pie Chart - 4623059456
Created by pandabearsrus

I Think of Your Mother

climax Pie Chart your mom - 4784771840
Created by Entwistlefan101

Why I Hate School

Harry Potter Pie Chart Hogwarts - 6965402112
Created by dolf1nluvr

What Are You Planning to Do Next?

Awkward family Pie Chart questions - 5162888704
Created by GorgeousLadyDi

cell phone Pie Chart - 3751661824
Created by Icanhazlol