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Reasons why you are gay on Facebook

friends gay Pie Chart - 6827776512
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Pie Chart school science - 3890264832
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cops driving paranoia Pie Chart speeding traffic - 4329040384
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What I Remember From My Childhood

childhood nostalgia Pie Chart - 3825660928
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How You Pass the Time on Vacation

Pie Chart stress time vacation work - 6324054528
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This Is Going to Be Hilarious

Cats pets Pie Chart - 6358023168
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People who use Internet Explorer

browsers computers internet explorer internets Pie Chart - 6495500544
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When I Realize I Made a Spelling or Grammar Mistake in Email

email grammar Pie Chart - 6554112768
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Just Don't Steal Your Coffee From Bears

coffee Pie Chart - 6373072896
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Probably the First Person to Accidentally Lose a Limb With One Too

best of week college lightsaber physics Pie Chart science star wars - 6053688320
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When Those Run Out, Move to Bottles

chores dishes Pie Chart - 4558304512
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How I die in legend of zelda

boss battle chickens legend of zelda Pie Chart video games - 6481197568
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Reasons I wear headphones at work

headphones job Music Pie Chart work - 6283786752
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Replotted: But What Happens When Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks a Nokia?

chuck norris lego Pie Chart - 5886875392
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Not Even Middle Schoolers Like Middle School

best of week middle school Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5850890240
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Dragon Ball Z over 9000 Pie Chart slow - 3852242944
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