Pie Chart

cold lunch Pie Chart spoon - 4036468736
By snarkyscuffary

What happens when my phone drops

battery cell phone cracked drop narnia Pie Chart - 6249921024
By Unknown

Death future Germany Pie Chart world cup - 4109372928
By Hager

Good Thing I've Got Netflix

jersey shore mtv Pie Chart television wtf - 5052290304
By Hayley

People's Reaction to Me Being an Art Student

art dreams money paint Pie Chart reaction student - 2662248960
By Unknown

They're Not Going to Check the Dates

best of week essays Pie Chart school truancy story - 5797343488
By Reelcheeper

But Which Is It?!

dating Pie Chart - 5229993472
By Unknown

Also Because You Have to Listen to Their Miserable Life Story

annoying money motivation Pie Chart - 5011191552
By jmoskwa99

When You See It... You'll See That It's Actually Racist

Pie Chart racist - 5656413184
By Unknown

Whatever You Say, Lord Inglip

annoying humans pictures Pie Chart robots words - 4541966848
By NotMakingSense

And to Look Busy

check phone Pie Chart text time - 5009327104
By fabulousfeet96

Why I Sell Things In Skyrim

Pie Chart selling Skyrim video games - 6572878336

Times When My Cat Wants to Cuddle

Cats Pie Chart sleeping waking up - 6598180352
By Unknown

Time Spent Talking About My Garden

better dumb neighbor Pie Chart planning questions talking - 3265927936
By moon-cat

Oh, It's I'm Awesome on the Dot

awesome Pie Chart time watch - 4356618496
By Lordsunflash

Did I Stain Anything?

embarrassing falling Pie Chart public - 5124054784
By Rjealy