Reasons I Talk To Myself

friends Pie Chart - 7009224448
By Shannara13

Somewhere in Narnia

equestria friends narnia Pie Chart tardis - 5612155136
By BucDouble93

The Truth

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By Unknown

What your friends do when you are sick

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By griz1214

Facebook Encounters

Awkward down facebook friends internet myspace parents Pie Chart social networking stalking text time twitter venn diagram websites work - 2803129344
By rmyoung

Facebook "Recommend a Friend"

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By willroff

Data Hungry Apps

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By kitteh_pleaz (Via Zonealarm)

The amount of jerks you befriend in Junior High

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By Unknown

How polite people are

Bar Graph comments commute computer facebook friends internet people social networking youtube - 3030890240
By hakkujin

People Who Think I'm Funny

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By Unknown


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By StarsHallelujah

But What If You Use Google Hangout?

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By YakuzaDuragon

Sharpie markers purpose

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By xalfeiran

The Path of Friendship

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Via I Love Charts

I Have to Ask Myself: Can I Fap to This?

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By freeb4llin800

It's Always Silent When I Stutter

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By Unknown