Potential partner attributes

attractive friends image insane partner single ugly venn diagram - 3027354624
By NoTurkeyForYou

Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery

facebook friends internet suck welcome - 1811299072
By thepacz

All From My So-Called "Friends"

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By Unknown

I Don't Know Her

forever alone friends relationships Pie Chart - 5238542336
By Unknown

Well I Think You're a Jerk

better dating friends jerk Pie Chart speaking - 4377014272
By Unknown

car college friends Pie Chart - 3993476864
By omfgnoway


best best of week friends venn diagram - 6323541760
By Unknown

Can I Try Those?

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By Unknown

Things Men Would Do if Granted the Power of Invisibility

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By graphgeek86


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By Unknown

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By AC202

Friendzone Explained

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By RealMenDontFriendzone

When a friend offers you food...

friends food Pie Chart - 6746751488
By Dashtep_Pony

They Understand Me On the Internet

Bar Graph facebook FAIL friends IRL - 4950881792
By Saerkas123

It's Always Silent When I Stutter

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By Unknown

Computer skills I have vs what friends and family think about

1337 computers family friends internet linux skills web windows - 1859963136
By KSho