Desperate Creeperbook

facebook friends Pie Chart stalking Video - 4750409216
By nkugirl2015

Facebook "Recommend a Friend"

childhood facebook family friends teachers - 3657829376
By willroff

Things I Do During Summer Break

summer break school friends - 7215960320
By dogdog77

Might Be Time for New Friends

friends venn diagram - 5249565184
By squirrelqueen

I Have to Ask Myself: Can I Fap to This?

facebook fap flow chart friends girls - 5702839296
By freeb4llin800

Data Hungry Apps

data hungry facebook apps friends infographic - 6636969728
By kitteh_pleaz (Via Zonealarm)

How polite people are

Bar Graph comments commute computer facebook friends internet people social networking youtube - 3030890240
By hakkujin

The Path of Friendship

silence time friends Line Graph path - 6890557440
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Amount of Customers where I work

Bar Graph friends working - 6669814528
By kabigon42

The amount of jerks you befriend in Junior High

friends jerks school - 1391430400
By Unknown

Success is...

age friends Line Graph money old pants peeing sex success teen young - 3010580224
By Red15nukes

"Oh, She's Just Shy"

friends hide old people parents Pie Chart - 5068731648
By AndreeaBeloane

But I Use It to Stalk People...

facebook friends like social media stalking - 5623249664
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Nunchuck Uses According to Youtube

balls friends hit karate lessons Pie Chart youtube - 2715351040
By GateFan

Who I Share Food With

Pie Chart friends family - 6646339328

Why Friends and How I Met Your Mother Are the Same Show

how i met your mother friends television - 7821542144