Should You Buy Borderlands 2

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I never seen Mean Girls but I bet it's like this Venn

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I Will Tape Your Mouth Shut

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By ToxJessum

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By issueswithgravity

Who I Share Food With

Pie Chart friends family - 6646339328

I Don't Want to See the Little Poo Factory

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By MapleVeins

I Don't Know Her

forever alone friends relationships Pie Chart - 5238542336
By Unknown

Computer skills I have vs what friends and family think about

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By KSho

Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend

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By Xen

Who Uses Crutches When I'm Injured

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By Flutter_S

Internet communities

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By Unknown

People Who Email Me

big computer email friends internet myspace p33n Pie Chart spam - 2462833920
By hobojo94

But I Use It to Stalk People...

facebook friends like social media stalking - 5623249664
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The Wire Brings People Together

reading friends - 7756792576
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He's a Mini-Boss

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By blackdog0809

Who young people turn to for help these days

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By Dog_lover22