But I Use It to Stalk People...

facebook friends like social media stalking - 5623249664
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friends real life sitcoms TV venn diagram - 6183126272
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When I should start dating according to:

dating disney friends neighbor parents - 2092382976
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Should You Buy Borderlands 2

friends video games flow chart store - 6842573824
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They're Just Trying to Help

embarrassing friends life Pie Chart - 4659305984
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He's a Mini-Boss

attention Cats friends Pie Chart video games - 4333574656
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I Did It All for the Cookie

computer friends history Maps parents porn - 4329894400

What About When I Tweet at School?

twitter friends - 4455609600
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Computer skills I have vs what friends and family think about

1337 computers family friends internet linux skills web windows - 1859963136
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Can I Try Those?

school friends try crutches Pie Chart - 5286208256
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Might Be Time for New Friends

friends venn diagram - 5249565184
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Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery

facebook friends internet suck welcome - 1811299072
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friends irony Pie Chart truth - 5564616960
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People Who Email Me

big computer email friends internet myspace p33n Pie Chart spam - 2462833920
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I Don't Know Her

forever alone friends relationships Pie Chart - 5238542336
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Success is...

age friends Line Graph money old pants peeing sex success teen young - 3010580224
Created by Red15nukes
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