I never seen Mean Girls but I bet it's like this Venn

friends venn diagram - 6513258752
By buckles_b (Via Bite)

car college friends Pie Chart - 3993476864
By omfgnoway

When a friend offers you food...

friends food Pie Chart - 6746751488
By Dashtep_Pony


friends irony Pie Chart truth - 5564616960
By Unknown

People Who Email Me

big computer email friends internet myspace p33n Pie Chart spam - 2462833920
By hobojo94

Amount of Customers where I work

Bar Graph friends working - 6669814528
By kabigon42

Who young people turn to for help these days

friends help internet parents people Pie Chart teachers websites yahoo answers young - 2514511104
By Dog_lover22

People you will meet in high school

douchebags friends high school people teacher teenage - 1713587456
By Tri_ngo

Chances my roommate will be in the room with 10 friends dressed like characters from Harry Potter while playing Dungeons and Dragons with the theme song from Final Fantasy playing in the background

final fantasy friends Harry Potter playing roommate Theme Song - 2175833856
By polarbear75

Who I Share Food With

Pie Chart friends family - 6646339328

When I should start dating according to:

dating disney friends neighbor parents - 2092382976
By WalRoss

Well I Think You're a Jerk

better dating friends jerk Pie Chart speaking - 4377014272
By Unknown

"Oh, She's Just Shy"

friends hide old people parents Pie Chart - 5068731648
By AndreeaBeloane

Somewhere in Narnia

equestria friends narnia Pie Chart tardis - 5612155136
By BucDouble93

But I Use It to Stalk People...

facebook friends like social media stalking - 5623249664
Via NM Incite

What really happens when you receive a chain mail

annoy crazy flowchart friends nothing people send - 2716455936
By EternoAprendiz
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