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I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Bar Graph drama FAIL - 4937149440
Created by trademark180

Words Telemarketers Understand

Bar Graph call dont phones telemarketer understand words - 3320961024
Created by Cerebellum


Bar Graph mistakes - 6191620352
Via I Love Charts

always Bar Graph jokes never planets - 3394459392
Created by BigRedRage11

My Infinite Loop Ate My Homework

Bar Graph Portal school video games - 4702041856
Created by adbazm

See Also: Washing Someone Else's Hands

Bar Graph bathroom dirty etiquette hands washing - 4262714624
Created by nedalton


Bar Graph count Death flu swine flu WWII year - 2568505088

Politicians' promises

Bar Graph cancer cure election politicians - 2535171328
Created by AskMax108

Thanks, Bear Grylls

Bar Graph bear grylls man vs wild Memes stuck urine - 4482468864
Created by Mudkipist

They Understand Me On the Internet

Bar Graph facebook FAIL friends IRL - 4950881792
Created by Saerkas123

Graph JAM

Bar Graph butter graph jam IRL jelly restaurant - 4130617088
Created by Liana

Notice Any Difference?

Bar Graph download piracy - 5769729280


i dont care Bar Graph - 6693093376
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When Dining Companions are Most Likely to Ask You a Question

ask Bar Graph chewing food mouth question - 3209945600
Created by Sosij

Malignant? Moronic? Mediocre?

Bar Graph mtv Music television - 4821456384
Created by Ninja_Beefcake

Danger of Stepping on Banana

banana Bar Graph cartoons Mario Kart real life video games - 2776418816
Created by JDTemple