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Prime Time TV Censorship

Bar Graph drugs gore graphic ladyfunbags TV violence words - 3207137024
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How many bullets people can take in a movie

amount Bar Graph boss evil movies - 2715271424
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cool Bar Graph waiter dumb - 6961956096
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Then Complain About How Hot It Is

hot pockets Bar Graph complain - 5244459776
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Bathroom Idol

Bar Graph shower singing - 5145021952


band aids Bar Graph cut small sticky super glue - 2511278848
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My Cat's Interest in Me vs. What I am Doing

Awkward Bar Graph cat pet playing TV video games watching wii yoga - 2416969984
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He Was a Good Guy All Along!

Bar Graph Harry Potter - 4982762240
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Bar Graph chicken street vacation - 3796275712
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I Would Rather Appreciate the Cosmos Like Carl Sagan

Bar Graph budget military money nasa politics space war - 6076887296
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Fake and Gay

Bar Graph gay whatdoestheinternetthink - 6022833664

When You Should Start Dating According To

age Bar Graph dating disney channel never parents school start - 2609070336
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Perhaps It's the Wibbly Wobbly Timeline

Bar Graph best of week doctor who length tv shows - 5308255232
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Amount of Customers where I work

Bar Graph friends working - 6669814528
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Before You Dress Up Like a Zombie, Consult this Graph

costume Bar Graph zombie - 7886521088

Bar Graph frodo legs Lord of the Rings - 4105146624
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