Bar Graph

If You Fall, You Will Die... of Embarrassment

Bar Graph best of week dying falling - 5597863168
By Unknown

Replotted: I fixed your graph, iPhone users...

apple Bar Graph Bronies religion - 6617261824
By Zaehlas

I Always Promise to Do Better

Bar Graph dentist flossing hygiene - 4605496320
By rfvrty

Volume of my Alarm Clock

alarm Bar Graph class clock morning nap ready shower time volume - 3283975936
By Unknown

You Mean Throngs of Women Won't Chase Me Through the Streets?

Bar Graph boys girls smell - 5471577600
By Catyra

Can't Feel My Fingers

Bar Graph bus public transportation waiting weather - 4700774400
By cherrybomb35

The Shortcuts Are Sometimes the Longest

doghouse diaries Bar Graph lazy work - 7856325888
Via doghouse diaries

Things that happen during quiet moments in church

Bar Graph child church farting quiet screaming silence sneezing stomach toddler - 2447454464
By cricker63501

This Is Not the Evil Empire You're Looking For

Bar Graph george lucas hitler what does the internet th - 5993868288
By Unknown

Things parents don't want their kids to see

Bar Graph Blood change channel cleavage gore kids language no parents see - 2709806848
By midknight8

And Don't It Feel Good

Bar Graph Music singing - 5916879872
By obsidianz

enjoyment of Army life

army Bar Graph buy drink life miles military run - 2394905856
By xenofreak7

And We Have the Nerve to Call It the 'Standard System'

Bar Graph best of week measure - 5800780032
By Unknown

Amount of Customers where I work

Bar Graph friends working - 6669814528
By kabigon42

Amount of fun you are having while Sledding.

Bar Graph fun top - 3068390400
By Marisaaaaa

What time I plan to get up vs. What time my 3-year-old son wakes up

Bar Graph child morning parents school sleep wake up - 2599784704
By jksterup