Bar Graph

Points for Consistency

Bar Graph rain UK umbrella - 5116183552
Created by oliviagrace18

Your Secret's Safe With Me

Awkward Bar Graph friendship is magic my little pony parents shame - 4701494016
Created by jiyuukage115

Likelihood Your Crush Will Say Yes

Bar Graph crush hollywood IRL movies - 6575585280
Created by biologial

Loading Bar Speed

Bar Graph computers speed video games - 6270988800
Created by Unknown

Before You Dress Up Like a Zombie, Consult this Graph

costume Bar Graph zombie - 7886521088
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph train - 4076495104
Created by Boulderdash

Bar Graph razor shaving time weeks - 4443360768
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph college - 3966210048
Created by nevillewearsprada

I Look Funny In All of Those

Bar Graph camera pictures true - 5028060672
Via This Is Fluffware

How Tolerable a Baby's Noises Are

airplanes Babies baby Bar Graph hour noises Party restaurant telephone - 2554990592
Created by Unknown

Biggest Threats to America's Youth

americans Bar Graph education internet panic parenting poor street video games youth - 2685938688
Created by Unknown

Bar Graph reality video game war - 3775261696
Created by Unknown

I Click My Pens a Lot

annoying Bar Graph pens - 5985846016
Via I Love Charts

How happy my dog is to see me

Bar Graph day dinner mail Movie seconds work - 2610349056
Created by dEbBiE-o

The Friendship Test

Bar Graph call of duty friendship test zombie - 6584780544
Created by S.P.A-Bits ( Via Bite )

If You Fall, You Will Die... of Embarrassment

Bar Graph best of week dying falling - 5597863168
Created by Unknown
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