Bar Graph

Chance of your Boss being fired

Bar Graph boss evil fired fun - 2497487104
By raadec

Frequency of emoticon use

20s Bar Graph chat emoticon facebook mother teens use - 2595706624
By tenthirtysix

How happy my dog is to see me

Bar Graph day dinner mail Movie seconds work - 2610349056
By dEbBiE-o

In Loving Selective Memory

Bar Graph celeb michael jackson Music rip - 4689069824
By DemonicBeauty22811

Think Hurts... Can't Brain...

Bar Graph brain hurt thinking - 5882973440
By Unknown

How Else Am I Supposed to Clean Them?

Bar Graph ears gross - 5117490944
Via The Frogman

Offseason Trading Rumors Need to Start Sooner

sports Bar Graph baseball MLB fans - 7908408320
By Unknown

actor age Bar Graph dead disney drugs famous hannah montana popularity stars TV - 3360554240

You're, Like, a Pro

Bar Graph family pro video games - 5822577152
By icanhasamanda

My Cat's Interest in Me vs. What I am Doing

Awkward Bar Graph cat pet playing TV video games watching wii yoga - 2416969984
By SerenityLibs

Bar Graph children kids screaming - 3894625792
By Flandre13

Too Cute To Work

dogs Bar Graph puppies work cute - 7846034432
By Unknown

Chances of going first on presenting your school project.

Bar Graph crappy day finish first forgot home partner project school - 2666117888
By Zohnny

Likelihood of my parents dropping by for a surprise visit

apartment Bar Graph bottle boxes clean dirty girlfriend minutes parents pizza sex surprise underwear visit - 2947428352
By Unknown


Bar Graph count Death flu swine flu WWII year - 2568505088
By Unknown

Bar Graph childhood gross public bathroom - 3816427776
By rooney.todd
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