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Missed It

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What people think of you VS how many girls you are with

amount Bar Graph gay girls loser people think - 2615644416
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Why Do You Want Me to Be Late Every Day

bed Bar Graph comfort morning late - 5312809472
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Procrastination Is a Key Part of My Creative Process

Bar Graph reading school writing - 5117338880

Bar Graph candy nom snack - 3839630592
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Likelihood of my parents dropping by for a surprise visit

apartment Bar Graph bottle boxes clean dirty girlfriend minutes parents pizza sex surprise underwear visit - 2947428352

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Two Scoops at the Bottom

Bar Graph boxes cereal delicious - 4516597504
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Replotted: Your Kid's Not So Special

Bar Graph kids pets replotted - 5625506560
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Escaping criminal is likely to stop if...

Bar Graph foot shoot stop - 2946465024
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The Toughest Thing a Wedding Planner Has to Find

kraken Bar Graph wedding - 7840424192

You'll Miss the Climax if You Go

Bar Graph movies pee pop soda time - 4851711232
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How Do They Know?

attraction Bar Graph dating relationships women - 6436903424