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Graph JAM

Bar Graph butter graph jam IRL jelly restaurant - 4130617088
By Unknown

So, Why Isn't Anime a National Pastime?

anime Bar Graph - 5409733120
By Evil-Kiss

I Always Promise to Do Better

Bar Graph dentist flossing hygiene - 4605496320
By rfvrty

Uses of bathrooms in Harry Potter

Bar Graph bathroom fight Harry Potter plans secret use wizards - 3295525632
By Trap47

In Loving Selective Memory

Bar Graph celeb michael jackson Music rip - 4689069824
By DemonicBeauty22811

And We Have the Nerve to Call It the 'Standard System'

Bar Graph best of week measure - 5800780032
By Unknown

The Internet Loves Promiscuity

Bar Graph relationships whatdoestheinternetthink - 6110558720
By michellelburdick

Usage of a Home Gym

after Bar Graph days gym home month week - 2621058560
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Bar Graph cosplay costume hot chick star wars - 3799154176
By snaked

Sims Reactions to Fires

The Sims cooking video games Bar Graph - 6668222976
By TVideogamesNES

How People Perceive Kissing Photos

pictures Bar Graph relationships kissing couples - 6864286464
By thekidwiththelisp

Uncool Man

Bar Graph gross lettuce teeth - 6013331968
Via Coolness Graphed

Pencil Use: a Chart

Bar Graph height pencil writing - 6165133056
By Unknown

Things parents don't want their kids to see

Bar Graph Blood change channel cleavage gore kids language no parents see - 2709806848
By midknight8

Bar Graph drunk exercise friend health laugh nothing war - 3366034688
By Chagrin

If Only They Made Little Pouches in Your Pants That Could Hold Such Things

Bar Graph call phone pockets - 5806512896
By rvg1981