Bar Graph

Average Age of Getting Your 1st Phone

phones Bar Graph - 7127649024

A Yellow Submarine, A Yellow Submarine

Bar Graph lyrics Songs the Beatles - 4762410752
Created by TheDukeOfCheez

When you get a Long piece in Tetris

Bar Graph games long need piece start tetris video games win - 2817818624
Created by balambfish

But Mom!

Bar Graph mom Pokémon video game - 6045263616
Created by dmbostonboy

Clothes Bar Graph IRL

Bar Graph real life clothes - 7726134784

Number of hearts

Bar Graph humans hearts doctor who graphs funny - 7498336000
Created by Regrubezeehc

I Think I Need a Transfusion

Bar Graph Blood injuries wounds - 4551698432
Created by Yamielf

Re-Plotted: Just Toss Some Catnip in a Cardboard Box

Bar Graph cat cute toys - 4904079872
Created by AnimatedRosie

my road being plowed

Bar Graph blizzard road snow - 3159845376
Created by KerriKearney

Things that stick

Bar Graph glue stick super glue - 3097134080
Created by tigerstar

A Wizard Made It

Bar Graph strength video games - 3996968192
Created by Tiger20777

Bar Graph door - 3790252544
Created by tomservo93

Doorbells Are Always Scary

Bar Graph day fun Home Alone night sounds - 4810811904
Created by Tarkania

Bar Graph calling go away telemarketer - 3778913280
Created by GaeNg

The Personalities of Kittens

Bar Graph Cats personality - 6994670336
Created by sweetiesuicune1

Replotted: I fixed your graph, iPhone users...

apple Bar Graph Bronies religion - 6617261824
Created by Zaehlas