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These Twin Brothers May Be the Most Awkward Pair of Contestants to Ever Be on Wheel of Fortune

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Squirrel Makes a Great Substitute in Hamburger Helper

country girl lives to eat squirrels
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This Dove Release at a Funeral Didn't Go as Planned

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I'm Gonna Megaupload My Lunch Onto the Carpet


That's the Best Message?

okcupid message online dating funny - 8307993088
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Discovery Channel Overhypes the Crap Out of 'Eaten Alive,' in Which a Man Was to Be Eaten by an Anaconda, Man Chickens Out at the Last Second

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What's Up With Your Shirt?

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Find the perfect birthday meme

18 Birthday Memes For Anyone Who's Another Year Closer To Death

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Just What in the Hell is Going on in This Furniture Commercial?

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gym fail deadlift cringe

Gym Bro Fails Deadlift, Makes Sure Everyone Knows

Ego lifters are something else.
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This Would Be a Fun Bathroom to Use

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The most hypocritical behavior that people ever witnessed. | StandCroissant 2d 1 Award My girlfriend criticises always being on my phone yet is seemingly unaware much she is on hers.

Most Hypocritical Behavior People Witnessed

Hypocrites are the worst.
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This Cringey 'Hax It Like It's Hot' Video Will Make You Ashamed to be a Gamer

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Do You Think She Googled It?

grandma calls about bukkake
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I Got That John Lennon Sweg

Bridezilla fires her bridesmaids and then asks people if she was in the wrong for her behavior. | Wedding Planning Club Sooooo, maid honor fired been messaging our group chat helping with planning some stuff and wedding shower etc etc and they will read and never reply which is SUPER frustrating. This is entire exchange (COVID cancelled out r previous wedding date and she able return dress which cost less than $30 first place) She's calling childish and brat" but yet she's one seeking

Bridezilla Fires Maid Of Honor, Asks If She's A Bridezilla

Um yeah, you just might be.
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