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Cher's on Crack Again, Everyone

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A Tumblr thread that appreciates Snoop Dogg. | dandy-boi-ftm Follow best part is fact out two them Martha Stewart one who went prison. shadowkat678 Follow Wait 2fngrsin Follow Wiiiild. He did commit murder self defense no judging) and America's Best Housewife sent jail because insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction justice and conspiracy. This is wiiild

Tumblr Thread: Honoring The Legend, Snoop Dogg

What a wild read, indeed.
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This is What Absolute Trash People Look Like

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You've Never Heard of /b/?

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boxing national anthem Video - 63959041

Watch This Dutch Singer Try (And Fail Miserably) to Sing the American National Anthem

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Funny Twitter memes and reactions to someone on Twitter asserting that babies can develop Alzheimer's Disease from vaccines | Against Too many cases perfectly healthy babies all sudden being diagnosed health department will assist u with getting an exemption form. Long as u breastfeed give child natural nutrients needs Immune system A1 face sitter DmoonDonna Diagnosed with sasha4short Down syndrome Alzheimer's, etc. lisa simpson Babies w Alzheimer's hell are they forgetting?

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Over 'Baby Alzheimer's' Parodies

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Just Messing Around. Riiight...

Funny posts on social media where people misspelled words in entertaining ways | if don't get 300 followers by end july quitting 530 likes P'm sick and tired this shit fuck Instagram algae rhythm whatever shit is called | There is just no winning this life accept feet. and 78 others 18 Comments Like Comment

Hilarious Times People Misspelled Words In The Cringiest Ways

Bone app the teeth.
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A collection of the most mindless things that have been said by credit card customers.

Mindless Things Said By Credit Card Customers

Almost feel bad for them.
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dude creeps out girl by showing up at her work

Creep Facebook Rants About Dream Girl Freaking Out When He Showed Up At Her Work

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Tour de France Stage Winner Vincenzo Nibali Tries to Kiss a Podium Girl

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Entitled person wants to trade church membership for art | If joined our church would pray would illuminate ur future w our prayers Tell Do painting our church, and will pray know u did painting about year ago our sister Why can't do one us and get saved while u can Are asking do painting free? Not free U know each member pays 20 their paycheck church each month. This'll be kind innitiation our great community think u really need

Entitled Woman Expects to Pay for Painting with Prayer

Might wanna pass on this opportunity.
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Funny memes about working | why did choose our company? because are recruiting can bring company new employee Lego doctor | manager is actually nice change, and doesn't ask anything return 836 know this is trap just don't know Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation

16 Sassy Work Memes For People Going Back To The Office

Relatable memes for the jaded office worker.
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Step Your Game Up

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