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How We Get Girls (To Leave the Room)

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When "Lip Enhancement" Goes Wrong

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FC Barcelona Player Thomas Vermaelen is Having Some Car Problems in Front of Fans

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Looking for My Juggalette

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The Slow Descent into Madness as a Model at Carl's Jr.

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Hevad Khan is a Poker Player With a Fantastic Poker Face

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There Are People Out There Who Are Actually This Stupid

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Based Teen God

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Funny Twitter thread mocking a guy who claims to have a high IQ | MrlasonLevy Replying @twosimpleideas and @seastarjay have an IQ high 130s. Tread fucking lightly with tone would be my subordinate ANY situation Be thankful found this girl and don't let her be alone any longer. She shouldn't be alone. None these women should be alone. Pick a card very fucking carefully will guess EVERY time Be thankful found this girl and don't deprive her magic any longer. She shouldn't live without magic None

Dude's Cringe-Inducing Tweet About His 'High IQ' Gets Roasted

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U Shunt Do Nuffin

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The Most Awkward Jeopardy! Contest

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Behold the Most Awkward Australian Idol Contestant of All Time

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Something For The Ladies

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BREAKING NEWS: Hot Girls Get More Attention Than Middle-Aged Guys

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Poor Ewan McGregor

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13 Ridiculous Images That'll Give You Strong Secondhand Embarrassment

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