Funny and stupid engineering solutions | bench made of wooden planks and concrete blocks | candle taped below a shower head to warm heat up the pipes

Impressive and Dumb Low Budget DIY Solutions

So maybe some of these ideas are better than others.
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We Have a Wild Romance

forever alone photoshop dating This Looks Shopped - 8363148032
people share their april fools pranks

16 People Share Their Best Long Con April Fool's Day Prank Ideas You Can Start Today

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national anthem Video - 64995585

Singer Trips and Falls Over While Singing the Canadian National Anthem at a Hockey Game

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Self-Meme Masterpiece

Memes selfie - 8208669440
Music cars music video Video - 75770881

I'm Not Sure Whether to Cringe at This Guy's Video or His Predicament, But His Jeep is a Lemon and He Made a Song About It

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Dating conversation fail | 's fine Today 4:07 PM 's good sheep pictures is super cute by way. Is yours? Today 4:40 PM They're friends. And she" and he not an Sorry douchebag answers, but really hate small talk and feel uninspired let my guard down and let someone if feel like just on receiving end. Today 6:15 PM no fan small talk either but honestly 's pretty difficult start conversation with complete stranger out clear blue without much go on. And o

Persistently Uninterested Tinder Match is a Bullet Dodged

Some matches weren't meant to be.
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yawning rabbits are scary

There Is Nothing More Terrifying Than a Yawning Rabbit

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Video - 64682753

Super Concerned Citizen is Highly Offended That Someone Would Dare Fly a Mexican Flag in America

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company wastes own time trying to sell paper to printing company | Posted by u/nenepp won't stop cold calling printing company sell us printing unless agree set up meeting with one reps? OK then. oc L not sure if this quite counts as malicious compliance but just doing they wanted so guess fits mid 00's worked small printing company, our commercial work on large lithographic machines but still had office printers and number staff who knew lot about them.

Company Tries Selling Printing Supplies to Printing Company

Well, if you say so.
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The Most Cringeworthy Moment at E3

E32014 gifs cringe - 8217117952
Via Bricky

Tell People What You Like

sexy times funny - 8270514176
Via Brown Cardigan

Choose Your Next Words Wisely

anime naruto sonic - 8381459968
cringeworthy spider memes that you can't look away from without spider thoughts

10 Cringe Worthy Yet Funny Spider Memes

May contain spiders
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No. Just No.

waifus - 8345165824
videos - 70483713

After You Win 10 Grammy's You Might Not Care To Remember Lyrics Anymore

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