Were You There or Something?

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Protip: When Choosing a Profile Pic for OKCupid, Make Sure It Doesn't Involve Knives

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Painfully Snobby Musician Called Out For BS Rant About Being Rich

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Family bands together for pro revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/BrigadoonRoseFall Farm Folk vs City Crew Hello all! My nieces and nephews have decided as cool auntie, must master this thing called reddit with stories my youth hope all enjoy seeing story written out as much as they've enjoyed hearing over years.

Women Try To Take Advantage Of Campground Fare, It Backfires

Man, you just love to see a family come together.
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Cold, Stranded, Euphoric, and Alone

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Not the Best Place for This

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I Just Wanted a Gym!

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So Many Health Code Violations

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Le Emoji Face

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Funny internet callouts, john carpenter, croissant, haley atwell.

20 Ruthless And Funny Internet Callouts

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If You Talk Like This Guy, Don't Be Surprised if You're Alone on Valentine's Day

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This is a Great Guide on How Not to Propose to Someone

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Live Newscast Hijacked By Guy Demanding Real News Instead of News About Miley Cyrus

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He's Not Welcome in the Girlfriend's Family

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Harlem Shake. At a Wedding. In July, 2014.

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High School, Where Everything That Happens Matters Forever

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