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28 Crazy Facebook Posts That Are Out Of This World Insane

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I Have So Much Sex That I Literally Can't Do Anything Else

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Was Soundly Booed at the National Rugby League Grand Final

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I'm Going to Go With Option Four: None of Them

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Dave Chappelle Got Left Hanging by JP Smoove at SNL40

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How to Greet Foreign Ministers


Oh Yeah, Get That You Dirty Boy

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Gotta Go With the Killer Opener


Wow You're a True Rebel

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Arm - 63 3G 51% 8:53 PM proN LZO HE RIGH FoE SACE NooB ProN Ra EGUSTA MADS I meant to post this when it happened at work but I forgot but This customer came in and this was his tattoo sleeve Legit ink On an actual arm 29 Likes 5 Comments

Didn't Work, Your Phaser Must Need New Batteries

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My Gay Straight Friend

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I Don't Know if I Can Make It All the Way Through This...

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Apparently, Keyblades Are From Zelda!

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A martial arts academy masterfully shuts down a helicopter parent's review | 2 reviews 2 weeks ago Horrible experience! My son (3 years old) has been going there now three months and everything going great. He loved coaches and really enjoying himself. Then out nowhere Main Guy Bob pulls side and tells my son has been disruptive last few weeks. My son is 3 years old and at times doesn't put his %100 effort but he never disruptive. He acting like every other child his age s unfortunate this place

Martial Arts Academy Skillfully Shuts Down Helicopter Parent

Handled it with class.
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magic Video - 65459457

When Houdini Water Torture Halftime Shows Go Wrong...

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