Nintendo Unveils Their Friend Zone Valentine's Day Cards

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Nancy Grace Gets Her Views on Marijuana Destroyed, But Just Won't Stop

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Guns 'n' Roses Shouldn't Play Their Songs While Drunk

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I'm Just So Complex!

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Amateur MMA Fighter Got a Little Too Advanced for His Own Good

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Uber drivers share what led them to give passengers on AskReddit 1/5 star ratings.

33 Uber Passengers Share What Drove Them To Give Their Drivers 1/5 Star Ratings

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Funny text exchange of a dude trolling an obvious scammer.

Brilliant Troll Gives Scammer A Taste Of Their Own Shady Medicine

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I Just Want to Have a Feliz Navidad

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Such a What?

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The Effort Counts

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Wow, You're a Real Scholar

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DJing in an Empty Mall

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You Tried

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J-Pop Star Meets One of Her Crazed Fans

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Superior in Every Way

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