Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

15 Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

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Cringe of the Day: Let This Sweet Song Serenade You

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Whatever You Say, "Chef"

wtf facebook - 8339427072


facebook dating - 8376811008

Park Yourself Here

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Parents on Facebook, Please Don't Embarrass Your Kids Like This

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Unbelievable tinder moments

26 Ridiculous Moments From the Wonderful World of Tinder

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E Major for Effort

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funny "not my job" fails

"Not My Job" Moments Of Dubious Professionalism

Good enough, time for lunch.
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funny not my job fail moments | AMBULANCE EMERGENCY ENTERTRANCE | case sink overheats or catches fire kitchen design not thought out properly

"Not My Job" Moments from The World's Slackers

Keep up the good work.
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Some Idiot Wanted to Take a Selfie With Anderson Cooper While Cooper Was Reporting on the Tragedy in Ottawa

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Guy ends up beating a Craigslist scammer at their own game | r/ProRevenge u/Oregonlost Beat craigslist scammer at his own game. So hunting rental house valentines day weekend and wasn't finding much, so popped into local Craigslist page and found place at decent but very believable price. No contact info or website, so T emailed through Craigslist relay, everything sounds legit up until he asks pay using

Guy Beats Craigslist Scammer At Their Own Game

Too easy.
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Funny fails, texts from exes, dating, relationships, texting | Hey stranger Are up Texts Sending Chicks Instantly Show Texts Sending Chicks Instantly Show Fkboy up Hey Stranger These texts are usually sent during dry spell guy is hoping against hope this old flame can be rekindled get him out his drought | want turkey breast sandwich with following add ons Lettuce Tomato Black olives Tomato Salt and pepper Oil and vinegar Hot sauce White bread sub Salt and vinegar chips Pop tarts coke Thanks

27 Poorly-Received Texts From Exes

Let sleeping dogs lie.
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See You Later

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Totally Not Full of Himself...

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Girl Gets Arrested During Class at Arizona State University, Makes a Huge Scene Out of It

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