Dad wants a free painting, gets turned down, and then won't pay the babysitter | Hi went pick up kids today saw had some empty canvas am looking gift my wife family portrait seen style and like wondering if be down could gift us as Christmas present love paint guys but saving those canvases have something on my mind. Or have paid commission. They're gallery style and are quite expensive at moment could probably paint them portrait fairly cheap if can get provide canvas yourself.

Dad Wants Free Painting, Gets Turned Down, Won't Pay Babysitter

These people are actually real.
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sex apps Video dating - 64798209

Good2Go is a Sexual Consent App That Gives Partners the Opportunity to Provide Written Consent Before Doin' the Dirty

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Stories of times people were very misjudged | MAXIMILIAN-MV 32.6k points 3 days ago My ex wife convinced had another family another state. Simply because she heard kids voice background traveling work and sitting restaurant once. During divorce depositions once spent full day being questioned, and half questions were slightly different wordings so have another family/child/spouse/kid/dependent/etc.

Times People Were Awkwardly Misjudged

Assumptions can really mess things up.
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pictures of wedding cake fails | bride dragging a groom from a computer desk | ugly cheap yellow cake

Wedding Cakes Worth Calling Off The Wedding For

Wedding Cakes So Bad, They Belong In The Trash
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soccer Japan Video - 62806529

Lionel Messi Goes on Japanese TV, Immediately Regrets His Decision

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All Ur Bags R Now Belong To Us

funny cat GIF poking fun at TSA agents and how they compare passports to people
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cringe pics

13 Ridiculous Images That'll Give You Strong Secondhand Embarrassment

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Cats fedoras gifs - 8360567040
baseball MLB Video - 63772417

PSA: Make Sure It's NOT A FAIR BALL Before You Lose Your Pants Trying to Grab It!

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Funny AskReddit post asking people moments they heard people saying stupid things | Suzanne_Marie 11335 points 4 hours ago locked my purse with my keys and cell phone my apartment went office ask maintenance let woman at desk said she would call maintenance and asked phone number they could reach at said there wasn't one because my cell phone locked my apartment. She insisted she needed number said could give her number but wouldn't be able answer if they called. She suggested get my phone out

17 Cringey Times People Witnessed Exquisite Foolishness

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Funny random memes | after turning 25 ?ack Pain Existential Pain Ria LTRA getting both Post Malone | Nobody: Old men gym locker rooms: alean in_my.cereal naked Timmy Rugrats

60 Invigorating Memes For Weary Internet Travelers

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Pack It Up, We've Found the Dumbest Word for "Breasts"

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quotes by famous people about animal cruelty

15 Quotes About Animal Cruelty That All Animal Lovers Should Read

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Oh ... I get it now

funny cat memes lol funny cats meow Cats cat memes - 9339476480
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alcohol drunk Video - 67581185

Drunk Dude Tries for Three Minutes to Steal the Front End of a Bike Mounted on a Storefront, Gets His Bike Bell Rung at the End

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hockey ouch Video sports - 61847553

One LA Kings Fan Celebrated a Little Harder Than Everybody Else

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