First, TMI. Second, Eww. Third, Why?

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company wastes own time trying to sell paper to printing company | Posted by u/nenepp won't stop cold calling printing company sell us printing unless agree set up meeting with one reps? OK then. oc L not sure if this quite counts as malicious compliance but just doing they wanted so guess fits mid 00's worked small printing company, our commercial work on large lithographic machines but still had office printers and number staff who knew lot about them.

Company Tries Selling Printing Supplies to Printing Company

Well, if you say so.
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Mom Drama on Facebook is Never Not Awkward

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Watch This Woman Struggle for Nearly Ten Minutes to Solve the Math Question of "How Long Does It Take to Travel 80 Miles if You're Traveling at 80 Miles Per Hour?"

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"I Would Be a Man"

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You Thought Science Ran Your Computers?

Via Rules of Thirds

Take a Hint!

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Karen and Karen Jr. try to cheat the system, and get outed by Karen Jr.'s classmate | r/ProRevenge Join u/flannel_enthusiast5 6h Entitled Teacher's Kid Gets Absolutely Wrecked Hey! This is my first time posting this subreddit, but posted O r/RegularRevenge and many folks told drop here as well typically don't post anything, but felt this story too good not share also emboldened after watching some RSlash content on YouTube hope enjoy as much as did. This might take while as well. This is tale en

Karen And Karen Jr. Try To Cheat School System, Get Outed

Not this time, Karens.
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On the Internet, Nobody Knows You Have No Friends, Unless You Make a Video Telling Them

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Funny memes of Robert Pattinson standing in kitchen | text - spooky blm donny @_donnydrama we kicked this dude out of the party 6 times and somehow he keeps getting back in literally no one knows who he is

Robert Pattinson Standing In The Kitchen Memes Makes Great Material

And this guy is going to be Batman?
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Thought I'd Tell You on a Private Venue Like Facebook

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Guy Gets Called Out for Faking Being in a Relationship

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A California Congresswoman Ended Her Argument With an Attempt at "The Dab" That Will Make You Cringe

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The State of Politics Today is Sad

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"Activist" Tells Off FOX News Reporters at a Mike Brown Protest

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