A collection of the pettiest reasons that people ever held grudges. | SierraMikeHotel 19h My wife is still angry with over dream she had years ago which cheated on her with faceless woman. Seriously Reply 42

Pettiest Reasons People Held Grudges

Dreams can inspire genuine grudges.
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A Classic Sci-Fi Novel Dealing With The Downfall of Man

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I'm Just So Complex!

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strange creepy moments | rg250871 2 days ago O 4 3 camping alone small 1-person tent. All snug and secure tent went sleep woken by clap thunder at 3am discover both inner and outer tent door wide open freaky.

Creepy Moments People Have A Hard Time Explaining

Things happen, man.
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Just So You All Remember

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This Guy Sure Knows How to Charm the Ladies

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DreamWorks, What Have You Done?

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How to Make Eye Contact With Women (From a Certified Expert)

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She's a Master Filterer

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Nice Try Though

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tattoos that incorporate scars, tattoo of a bird using a scar as a branch

25 Cool Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Art

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When "Lip Enhancement" Goes Wrong

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An employee gets caught by their boss singing "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent in the bathroom.

Embarrassed Employee Caught By Boss Singing "Candy Shop" By 50 Cent In The Bathroom

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left hanging vine - 68764929

Dave Chappelle Got Left Hanging by JP Smoove at SNL40

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some mouth breather facepalm memes

Mouth Breathers Making The World Passionately Facepalm In 15 Images

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woman builds fence to keep neighbors out of pool | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/OnTheFencePoolGirl AITA building fence keep out my neighbors? Not hole Obligatory throwaway account. Earlier this year 26f) got an inheritance family member and godsend finally got move out and get my own place after living paycheck paycheck. MY DREAM PLACE could never get place like this without providence or cutting my way through corporate ladder with machete. But most important part

Woman Builds Fence to Keep Neighbors Out of Pool

Good old neighbors.
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