Oopsie Daisies...

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*Points at His Hand*

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Fast Food Employee Denies Girl's Ice Cream Prank

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If You're Going to Talk to a Stripper in GTA V, Make Sure You're Not in a Group Lobby Where Everyone Can Hear You

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Watch Out, They're a Movement Now

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Womp Womp Wooooomp

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Had a Monster Energy Drink Lately? Congratulations: You Drank Pure, 100 Percent Satan Juice

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Guy Posts About Himself on a Public Confessions Page

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Curly Hair Makes Life a Serious Struggle

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In Just 12 Weeks, You Can Go From Wet Noodle to Photoshop Master!

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Freakout of the Day: Woman in Line at Ferry Terminal Completely Loses It

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So Seductive

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Ever Wonder What a Riverdance on Valium Looks Like

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Twitter fight between Dan Stapleton and Angry YouTuber

Both Parties Look Ridiculous When IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton Calls Out YouTuber Angry Joe on Twitter

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If You Need a Little Cringe Today, Enjoy This 2010 Rap Video

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Watch This Woman Struggle for Nearly Ten Minutes to Solve the Math Question of "How Long Does It Take to Travel 80 Miles if You're Traveling at 80 Miles Per Hour?"

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