A Whole New Way to Sext

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Gary Busey's Entrance on Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 14 Was... Erm... "Interesting"

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Who Are You Again?

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Funny memes and fail moments from 'Family Feud' | Name kind bear papa | Name yellow fruit. ATOMIC ?S Orange.

Eighteen Fail-Filled 'Family Feud' Moments Worth A Good Old Facepalm

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With His Parents' Burned Down House in the Background

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Cry Moar, Nerd

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cringey comment threads and cringe-worthy DMs

14 Cringe-Packed Texting Fails To Make You Feel Better About Your Darkest Hour

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In Front of a Crowd

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images from the internet intended to be mildly infuriating because of their lack of adherence to norms and standards designed to avoid chaos

50 of the Most Mildly Infuriating Images on the Internet

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A power tripping assistant manager gets put in her place | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/fredzred 176d 1 "Clean store TOP BOTTOM. Don't leave until do yes boss L This happened worked retail around 2005 15 working at very small grocery store and although small store were always busy, as near popular beach and along highway rest area night before, l'd worked 12am until 6am packing shelves (there huge delivery coming had be stocked next day offered double time pay shift so jumped at chance work

Power Tripping Assistant Manager Gets Put In Check

Fran had to go.
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Funny reaction tweets and memes to Stefan Molyneux's creepy tweet about Taylor Swift

Stefan Molyneux Roasted For His Creepy Tweet About Taylor Swift's Eggs

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Oh... Uhh... Sorry for Your Loss?

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Cringey friend tries correcting actual Japanese grandma on her grammar | commented about this another group but thought would share. My wife is mixed Japanese. She speaking Japanese her grandma dining room while playing video games with friends next room whitest dude our group decided go there JUST tell these women they were using certain words wrong and their grammar incorrect and they should be using "wa" instead ga certain sentence remaining men living room took off our hats and wept

Cringey Guy Tries Correcting Grandma on Her Japanese

That's just dumb.
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Do You Think She Googled It?

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What's It Like to Be Inside Your Mind?

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Monster Jellyfish - Huge human-sized jellyfish found off the Cornwall UK coast

You Thought That Sting You Got At the Beach Was Bad? Try One Of These On For Size

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