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Welp, That's Embarassing...

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Fear Not, M'Ladies of the World! Your Knight in Shining Armor is Here to Protect You!

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Uhh... Sorry?

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We've Got a Real Da Vinci on Our Hands

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Rush's Own Facebook Page Spells Their Own Drummer's Name Wrong

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What do the Mavs Say?

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Also We Totally Just Had the Sex for Like 10 Hours Straight

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ruining a first date memes

Ruining a First Date in 4 Words is Easier Than You think

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Hang on Bro, Lemme Stuff My Thong Real Quick!

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Now You Must Die!

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"I Just Had Sex!"

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Missing the Point, Just in Time for the Holidays

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Via ithinkitsduke
A collection of triumphant times that liars were successfully called out. | purplemonkey55· ly worked at fast food joint had someone call during opening shift while were still prepping everything day. He tells he just there and service terrible and his order wrong asked him exactly he came he said about half an hour ago said Oh 's weird, because don't even open another 45 minutes He just hung up without word.

Triumphant Times Liars Got Called Out

Take those lies elsewhere.
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Uhh, Thanks?

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So ManServants Are a Thing Now...

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