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Scene From a 1989 BBC Documentary on Hip Hop in the UK

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County mower messes with dad's shrubs, so dad ends up taking revenge with rebar | r/ProRevenge u/SwizzleMalarki 1y Join County mower trimmed down our shrubs no reason. Go ahead and try again First time posting reading post on here about neighbor running over poles their yard and reminded this story. Also writing this my phone, so bear with Tl;dr at bottom 7 or 8 my dad planted row shrubs along front property. They started out as scrawny sticks, but fast-forward few years and they were big

County Mower Shreds Dad's Shrubs, Dad Revenges With Rebar

Hard to mow a reinforcing bar.
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Coming on a Little Too Strong

yik yak nice guys dating - 8426933248

The "Blizzardmobile" is the Next Reason We Can Safely Say Don Lemon is CNN's Greatest Joke

news cnn facepalm new york Probably bad News - 8436385792
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I Will Not Come to Your Rescue, Princess

cringe Awkward - 8747390208
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Cats fedoras gifs - 8360567040

Your Move, Aethists

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"Fuel Up for Battle," They Say

call of duty mountain dew neckbeards doritos video games - 8377743872
instagram sarcasm at it's finest

17 Sarcastic Sentences That Are Way Too Much For Everyone

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Deep Memes, Stupid Memes, Cringe Memes, Funny Memes | SOCIETY No photo has more perfectly described my life than this one Danny Phantom | wish this is possible injecting books into brain

Deep Memes From Internet Philosophers

We laughed so hard, we cried.
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people share their april fools pranks

16 People Share Their Best Long Con April Fool's Day Prank Ideas You Can Start Today

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guy comments on girls breasts on instagram and it's incredibly cringeworthy - cover image for a list of cringe photos

20 Cringe Inducing Moments Brought to You By People That Should Be Banned From the Internet

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people called out online for being less than truthful

People That Failed to Sell Their Pack of Lies and Got Called Out in Righteous Fashion in the Process

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This Man Bought 99 iPhone 6s, Arranged Them Into the Shape of a Heart, Then Proposed to His Girlfriend. She Said No.

marriage iPhones proposal rejected dating - 8375491584
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People describe the stupidest things that they had to explain to clueless individuals | ashp10 7h although bendy, aluminum is indeed metal and CANNOT go into microwave

Most Obvious Things That Had To Be Explained To People

Learn a new thing every day.
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This is What Absolute Trash People Look Like

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