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Miss Amazonas 2015 Runner-Up Snatches the Crown Off of the Winner's Head

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Whole office pesters Karen for throwing away expensive cake | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/NFkappaBalpha 1 day ago need check all our food? Fine. oc L So this happened like 7 or 8 years ago jobbing at driving service while student driving service one people with disabilities could not drive ot walk on their own. Our main office building housing/working facility disabled people two companies (our drivers service and housing facility) were loosely connected as they were both financdd by same

Karen Throws Away Expensive Cake, Office Fights Back

Things didn't have to escalate so fast.
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Package thief steals gifts intended for other people, gets glittered, that results in their eviction | r/pettyrevenge u/brigittefires Steal my stuff? Get glittered lived an apartment building. As member local free gifting community put gifts out on regular basis people pick up had massive front porch building had plenty space put an entire living room set by front corner and still move furniture /out comfortably. Nothing resembling tight squeeze made appointments with people pick up

Package Thief Steals Gifts, Gets Glittered, Then Gets Evicted

Some next level glitter prowess here.
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You Fundie Coward!

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Via Down With Tinder

Too Late

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whisper confessions about the perils of installing security cameras that you may not have considered at first

13 Hilarious Unexpected Moments Caught on Security Cameras When Fools Thought Nobody Was Looking

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Germany soccer Video - 61690625

German Amateur Soccer Coach Has the Least Believable Flop of All Time

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Why This Russian Journalist Was Barking at Other Journalists at a Ukraine Conflict Summit, We May Never Know

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Music FAIL Video - 68033793

Bon Iver Had Some Saxophone Problems on 'The Colbert Report'

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We've Got a Real Da Vinci on Our Hands

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Dating conversation fail | 's fine Today 4:07 PM 's good sheep pictures is super cute by way. Is yours? Today 4:40 PM They're friends. And she" and he not an Sorry douchebag answers, but really hate small talk and feel uninspired let my guard down and let someone if feel like just on receiving end. Today 6:15 PM no fan small talk either but honestly 's pretty difficult start conversation with complete stranger out clear blue without much go on. And o

Persistently Uninterested Tinder Match is a Bullet Dodged

Some matches weren't meant to be.
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objects that look like they have faces or look like other stuff | statue of a furnace that looks like a face with a burning mouth | rock covered in moss in the shape of a dog

Inanimate Objects that Look Like Other Stuff

There's personality everywhere!
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Was That Like 15 Years Ago?

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Umm, Nicki? Are You Okay? You're Making Some Awfully Strange Noises...

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This is What Having Zero Game Looks Like

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