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If You Ever Wanted To Know If Sarah Palin Could Impersonate Tina Fey's Liz Lemon Character, Watch This 30 Rock Parody

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Not the Best Place for This

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Guy tricks mall thieves with deceptive holiday gift | r/ProRevenge u/Hypetents Christmas gift Grandpa know guy has done this every year more than decade started some dick broke into cab his truck and stole Christmas gifts he had bought at Mall. If remember correctly, he had make two trips and some jerk saw him go back into store and busted his window long time ago am not positive details original event.

Man Baits Mall Thieves With Tricky Christmas Gift

Grandpa's so charitable.
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Neighbor antagonizes guy to no end, and ends up getting a taste of his own medicine | r/pettyrevenge u/TheCrimsonnerGinge Neighbor antagonized all year, so quite literally) gave him taste his own medicine college had neighbor (Who will henceforth be Benny, like asshat New Vegas And this neighbor, he not considerate neighbor example, he watched TikTok at 3am, connected his Bluetooth speaker, which he so politely pointed directly at wall improve sound quality He piled his

Neighbor Antagonizes Guy, Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

A herculean act, indeed.
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Stop the Millennial Generation, I Want to Get Off

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Via Brown Cardigan

Protip: Never Break Up With Your Girlfriend Right Before Christmas

Employee gets manager a promotion so that they quit | r/ProRevenge u/locusness Join time got my manager promotion so he quit am going have be little vague on some details protect myself here so can't discuss type business etc so its going be struggle. This is lot background explain kind situation developed over decade place once truly fun work at and easy earn bit extra overtime became dog eat dog struggle survive low level peons like were split between those who felt disenfranchised and

Employee Gets Manager Promotion, Manager Proceeds To Quit

A fine example of malicious compliance.
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Do I Have To?


It's! Beat! Down! Time!

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This is a Subway Ad Made for Comedy Central

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Suave, Buddy... Real Suave...

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If You Can Get Through All Two Minutes of This Guy's Shakira Parody, You Deserve a Medal

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An entitled choosing beggar doesn't understand how lowballing works | Hi l'm interested chairs if available Hello, yes they are am here all day all week, available anytime pickup if interested. Ok. Is whole set with bench and table also

Entitled Lowballer Doesn't Understand Lowballing

They were their own worst enemy.
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No, I'm Pretty Sure You're the Only One...

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Hours Are Hard

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I Get All the Ladies

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By eevee146keroro
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