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Protip: Don't Try to Backflip During Your Graduation Ceremony

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tinder profiles of crazy people that are at least honest - cover image of girl who likes to be hang from ceiling sometimes.

12 Insane Tinder Profiles That Let You Know What You're Buying

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Yoko is Best Cook

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Guis, Dis Totally Hapened

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What Was This Mall Thinking When They Made This Commercial?

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Donald Trump misspells tweet about news coverage and confuses the entire nation.

Donald Trump Confuses Entire Nation With One Fat FAIL of a Tweet

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C'mon a-Baby, What-a-Wrong Weeth-a Mah Beenus?

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It Really is Hard to Imagine

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whisper confessions about the perils of installing security cameras that you may not have considered at first

13 Hilarious Unexpected Moments Caught on Security Cameras When Fools Thought Nobody Was Looking

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Kevin O'Leary Thinks the Fact That the Richest 85 People in the World Have as Much Wealth as the 3.5 Billion Poorest is "Fantastic"

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Funny Donald Trump photoshop battle regarding his water drinking.

Donald Trump's Awkward Water Moment Has Inspired A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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Question Time! What Short Word Can Mean Frost Formed Freezing Fog and is Also an Archaic Term for a Poem?

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