Joel Problems

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I Tried

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A collection of the most mindless things that have been said by credit card customers.

Mindless Things Said By Credit Card Customers

Almost feel bad for them.
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Hot Damn, What a Deal!

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So Cruel

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Sister tries charging brother while she stays at his house | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/Calm-Demand-5746 4 days ago AITA throwing my sister out my house after she billed Not hole My sister is trainwreck. She needed place stay and have large enough home an extra person. She has no job or income told her she has few months get her shit together and leave give her about $100 week keep my house clean so she has some cash gave my sister her $100 and she said owed her more confused. She said she did

Sister Tries Charging Guy For Her Staying At His House

That's an impressive ask.
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customer service We Hope That Helps

"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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Please Pay Attention to Me

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A New Zealand Newspaper Just Ran a Photo of Ryan Dunn Instead of an Israeli Soldier's

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"Someone Was Messing With My Phone, I Swear I am Not a Model"

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Guy continually bullies insurance company, and ends up learning his lesson | r/ProRevenge Join u/draconian1429 NEVER bully insurance company, or lose franchise Hello all. Excuse any poor grammar or spelling on mobile. TLDR at bottom This story comes friend mine, Sarah, and has been building almost 5 years until all came crashing down over last week few things note before get into Sarah works at an insurance company, dealing with massive nationwide delivery company her company

Man Repeatedly Bullies Insurance Company, Loses Everything

This gave peace to my soul.
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And Now for an Awkward Moment From the Christian Music Awards...

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People describe the small things that enrage them to no end | ttcmzx 14h 2 Awards People blocking grocery aisles with zero spatial awareness Reply 3.0k

Small Things That Push People's Rage Through The Roof

From 0 to 100.
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So Seductive

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So, How in the World Did This Painter Get His Dude-Bits Stuck in a Pipe for Two Whole Days?

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Womp Womp Wooooomp

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