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Fear Not, M'Ladies of the World! Your Knight in Shining Armor is Here to Protect You!

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All of the Cringeworthy Moments This E3

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Totally Not Full of Himself...

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Things Get Heated Between Talib Kweli and Don Lemon Live on CNN

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Wooooo, Party's Over Here!

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people share their april fools pranks

16 People Share Their Best Long Con April Fool's Day Prank Ideas You Can Start Today

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Dude, Lay Off the Self-Deprecation a Little!


One Big Happy Family

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People Who Work at Disneyland Fall Over a Lot

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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Hey are still selling ipad? Yes Sell 100? Sell brand new, never opened $400 iPad 100? No. Come on. If selling must be broke so cant be worth more than 100 already told my kid he could have 3:16 PM Well go ahead and un-tell kid cause he ain't gettin missed video chat with 3:18 PM CALL BACK Why are video calling want tell my kid his face he wont be getting any presents this year because

Entitled Individuals and Their Nonstop Demands

Sure man, sounds like a deal.
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Just a Reminder That Newt Gingrich Doesn't Know What an iPhone Is

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Almost Pr0n

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This SNL Interview With Justin Bieber Fans Will Fill You With Your Daily Dose of Cringe, and Then Some

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Anime is More Important Than Your Real Girlfriend

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My Chemical Doughmance

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