Art of Trolling


You Best Be Joking Me

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tumblr history

Tumblr Teaches History Better Than Any Professor Ever Did

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Pop Quiz Time

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It's a Foregone Conclusion That Dads Will Try to Embarass You Whenever They Can

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Teacher Trolls

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How Teachers Start a Hustle

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"Why, Hello There!"


The Scientific Method

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Bad Timing or Worst Timing?

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Neighbor gets hostile with Grandpa, so Grandpa teaches the neighbor a lesson | r/MaliciousCompliance u/[deleted 1y Join 1 3 3 Neighbor tells Gramps he should "mind his own damn business advice costs neighbor most his yard and car. L Gramps had just moved into retirement park with lot backed up county land nature preserve. His backyard basically non-existent, but he didn't mind as he got look out over preserve, however he did marvel at his next door neighbor's backyard extended good 8ft past his

Neighbor Gets Hostile With Gramps, Gramps Teaches Neighbor A Lesson

Gramps wasn't playing games.
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Someone did this in science class

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It All Makes Sense Now

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A Masterpiece in the Making

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Nice Try, Jackie

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