Art of Trolling


Dads Got Your Back

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this is going to be hard to explain

Grumpy Cat school teacher grades failbook g rated - 7150570752
Created by EpicWin00

... What?


The Bathroom's Got Your Back

bathrooms physics school tests exams - 8139716352

Also Would Have Accepted "Laurie"

school tests quizzes hugh laurie exams - 8148929536

94th Year Senior

school graduation yearbook funny - 7459578880
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class school trolltube sleeping Video - 65941761

Wake Up, Bro! You've Got Clapping to Do!

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Student Sends Atrociously Punctuated Email to Her Teacher, Teacher Responds Accordingly

email teachers school - 8030825728
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Please Stand Up... He Stood Up

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You Best Be Joking Me

homework school tests math exams Statistics - 8336232960

You Might as Well Jump In There Too

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Via MrMegaGamerz

Some People Aren't Meant for Math

school test - 8756980224

Nathan Anderson Reflects on His School Days

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Busted Texting

busted school texting sms - 6942629632
Created by praterdon

Cite This!

class school - 8404483584

Get Rekt, Kid

bullies Confession Bear school prank calls - 8160521216