Art of Trolling


A Masterpiece in the Making

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Today Comes Afterwards

FRIDAY Rebecca Black school tumblr Yahoo Answer Fails - 4567389696
Created by Casey

The Hardest Question

school tests multiple choice exams - 7371148544

Troll Dad

dad excuse IRL note school teacher - 4691222016
Created by DeathDerp

I Became One With the Unholy Emperor

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Hamlet Troll

english forever alone IRL school shakespeare - 4533845504
Created by moreese69

What PHD Stands For

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Steady... Steeeeeady...

gif school pencils - 7854647040

Trolling, Physics Class Style

physics school electricity college energy - 8074648832

Seems Like a Fair Trade

homework school note teacher - 6948604416

That Feel When You Have the Perfect Name

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Next Picasso Right Here

school art kids olaf parenting frozen painting Nailed It - 8385302784

A Little Old for School

homework pedobear puberty school Yahoo Answer Fails - 4675504640
Created by zingbat77

How Special Are We Talking?

girls head headline news school special - 4423798528
Created by Unknown

From the Department of Legitimacy Studies

bathrooms school studies - 8003756544

Asking the Tough Questions

elections politics school voting - 8380652032