Art of Trolling


Charlie Sheen in School

Charlie Sheen IRL school winning - 4560924416
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Reeeal Helpful, Buddy

school history tests funny exams - 6812739072

Get Rekt, Kid

bullies Confession Bear school prank calls - 8160521216

There Will Be Gut-Busting Laughs All Around!

school college - 8384291584
Created by anselmbe

You'll Learn Your Lesson... Literally!

math teachers school - 8203452672

You Tried (And Succeeded)


94th Year Senior

school graduation yearbook funny - 7459578880

Your Question Proves They're Doing Something Wrong

anti joke chicken facebook school teachers - 5559430144
Created by hannw98
class school hipsters trolltube - 55552001

Goddamn Hipsters...

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In Time...

Music school spelling yahoo answers - 6615754752

"¡Ay Ay Ay Ay! ¡Canta y No Llores!"

school funny - 7522595840

So Easy Your Grandma Could Do It

google research school Yahoo Answer Fails - 4702942464
Created by yehoshua2123

Excuse Me!

school - 8365305344

"Sorry Bro, I Had To..."

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Sorry, Not Sorry

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Perry Not Pictured

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