Art of Trolling


A Highly Unfortunate Name

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"Sit Down and Shut Up," They Said...

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A for Authenticity

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Problem, Teacher?

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Please Stand Up... He Stood Up

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Diabolical Vengeance

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I Mean, Come On!

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Bruce Banner Cites His Sources

image signs school Bruce Banner Cites His Sources
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Hey Bro, You Got a Little Somethin'...

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I'll Be Using This Excuse From Now On

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When You Hit the Right Angle...

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Maybe Stop Shaving?

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Teen Suspended for Trolling His Superintendent on Twitter Goes Viral

image trolling school Teen Suspended for Trolling His Superintendent on Twitter Goes Viral
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Florida High School Senior Barred From His Commencement After Drawing a Giant Dong in the Field Near the Graduation Site

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Literally the First Piece of Paper I Gave You!

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You've Got a Point

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