Art of Trolling


Steady... Steeeeeady...

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Awkward kissing mom school Video - 30830849

Mom's Got Great Lips

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Doesn't Get Any More Legit Than This

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Like Father Like Son

detention school text sms - 6981409280
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Screamer No Screaming!

dora the explorer class school tumblr masks - 8182335744

Cheater Alert!

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Meesa Hat's Off to You, Buddy


They Were Both Ahead of Their Time... Or Something

class school philosophy picasso - 7036824832
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What Are They Teaching Our Children?!

balls IRL school seriously sign - 4770532096
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funny yearbook photos

There's a High School in South Korea Where Anything Goes When It Comes to Yearbook Photos

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Zoidberg Has All the Answers

time school answer Zoidberg - 6897298176
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This Might Take a While...

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Student Writes About Dying Grandpa, Teacher Gives Him This Feedback

homework school too soon teacher essays Grandpa exams - 7518554112
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So Easy Your Grandma Could Do It

google research school Yahoo Answer Fails - 4702942464
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Hmm... Pancakes or French Toast?

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