Art of Trolling


What Are They Teaching Our Children?!

balls IRL school seriously sign - 4770532096
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Diabolical Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It


But Only Quiet Crying

studying school crying - 7140497920
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It's Okay, I Don't Think He Mad

homework kobe bryant teachers school u mad - 7925674496
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Wait, Really?

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Is another planet far enough?

basketball planet poop school Yahoo Answer Fails - 4466823936
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Pay Attention You Little Turds

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Fine, I'll Take My Knowledge of Illuminated Manuscripts Elsewhere!

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The Sequel?

disney fun IRL magnet school sequel what - 4588349952
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Your Grandparents Had Funny Yearbook Quotes Before You Were Born

image old timey yearbook Your Grandparents Had Funny Yearbook Quotes Before You Were Born
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Lose the Rage, Gain the Cage

class school nicolas cage g rated School of FAIL - 7885838336
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I Became One With the Unholy Emperor

school wtf - 8381415680

5 Wongs Don't Make a...

yearbook photos school - 8210175232

Bad Timing or Worst Timing?

class school flipping the bird teachers - 8160611072
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I Too Like to Live Dangerously...

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Science Fairs Are Universally Hated

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